30.11.1793 sup at, Wrights (with 13 others) / 17.12.1794 evening at Merry's, Wrights
no Wright appears in the diary till 1796, and such a large company with several well known actors/singers (Hewardine, Pope, Dignum, Johnstone) suggests a public venue, as does the plural form without apostrophe. There was a Wright's coffee house in York Street Covent Garden in the 1760s frequented by actors, and a Wright's coffee house in Soho Square from 1796 (Law List), a Francis Johnson Wright brandy merchant of the Strand (who voted Tooke 1790) and a David Wright brandy merchant Bridges St Covent Garden (who voted Fox & Tooke 1796). At least one of the company, (see Hewerdine, William) was an active supporter of Admiral Hood and Pitt, the 'other side' to most of Godwin's friends