Yarley calls 20.5.1798
A one-off call but a rare name, though it could have been a spelling of Yardley. See work notes below

Work notes: 
Old Bailey Online 1772 Samuel Yarley tobacconist, Edward Yarley New Inn Passage, Westminster 1781 / William Yardley or Yarley customs officer of Dover will PCC 22.2.1798 / Holden's 1799 Edward Yardley bookseller, Clements Passage, Clare Market, Edward Yardley 182 Fleet St printer of General Advertiser newspaper 1790, Edward Yardley bookseller New Inn Passage, Houghton St, Clare Mkt voted Fox 1784 Horne Tooke 1790 Sheridan & Paull 1806, his son Thomas Yardley Westminster coroners witness 16.12.1794 / Thomas Yardley attorney 9 Basing Lane 1793, 43 Bread St Cheapside 1797 / Saml Yardley attorney 32 Hoxton Sq 1797 3rd clerk Shoreditch Police Office 1798