Yates, Miss

P(hebe) G(odwin) & miss Yates at tea 15.7.1803 / 6.5.1804 Forsyth, Yates & P G dine / 5.8.1804 Yates's & miss Clarke dine; adv Jo(seph) G(odwin) / 9.8.1804 meet H(annah) G(odwin) & Yates / 15.4.1805 P G & Yates dine / 12.11.1805 miss Yates & P G dine / 17.12.1805 call on Jo G; adv miss Clarke
The GD website has coded the Yates entries above to a person record but it is blank and states No appearances in diary found. Probably one of Hannah Godwin's millinery assistants, see my entry for Godwin, Hannah