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Landseer, Mrs

CRABB ROBINSON DIARY 25.5.1820 Mrs Lanseer, mother of the artist - radical views

                                                  12.6.1827 "the late Mrs Lanseer was a firm believer and Unitarian Christian"

I could find no trace of the death of Mrs Ann Landseer but she seems to have been the person Crabb Robinson was referring to (see below for details). In noting her Christian beliefs Robinson was defending her against those who confounded her radical views with disbelief. He could not have meant John Landseer's wife Jane nee Potts who lived till 1840



31.7.1794 mrs Luneham at Holcroft's (& Porson) / 7.12.1794 mrs Lunan at Holcroft's (& Porson) / 2.3.1795 Lunan at Mackintosh's (& Porson & Perry) / 17.8.1795 mrs Lunan at Holcroft's /  20.9.1795 Lunan at Holcroft's (& Porson & Perry) / 24.7.1796 M A Lunan at Holcroft's / 17.8.1796 meet mrs Lunan / 8.11.1797 M A Lunan at Holcroft's (& Perry) / 5.3.1802 miss Lunan at tea (& Perrys) / 19.10.1805 miss Bentley at Perry's / 21.10.1805 Perry femme & miss Bentley call / 15.6.1806 miss Bentley at Perry's / 7.6.1809 Lunan at Perry's (& mrs Bentley) / 13.10.…

Lymans, James Howard

(see Francis Place's Autobiography ed. Mary Thale pages 117-118 engraver, 16.8.1833 now nearly 70 yrs old, vagabond, wife & 2 daus dead)

James Howard Lymans son of James & Elizabeth Lymans bapt 14.4.1765 St Bride's born 28.3.1765 New Street
James Lymans of New St Square St Brides stationer & chandler will PCC 13.8.1772 wife Elizabeth. He was son of Francis Lymans peruke maker of St Clement Danes and apprenticed 1748 to Francis Cogan stationer.
James lymans of St Dunstan i t West bach = St Geo Han Sq 12.4.1761 Elizabeth Hammatt otp sp by Archbishop lic…