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Six Hundred Years of Blackhall part two

CHAPTER FOUR 1709 - 1827

Six Hundred Years Of Blackhall


Crabb Robinson Diary

Introduction to a dataset

My Life

Introduction to a dataset


Complete short article
How girls' first names worked like surnames in the female line. This article is a family tree of Emmas.

3 Wives, 3 Husbands Living

Completed article.

The spouses of John Raphael Smith DNB 1751-1812 and of his daughter Eliza Aders 1785-1857

King of the Swindlers

This article is incomplete. A chronology of John King DNB c1753 - 1824. There's a dataset John King's Crowd, for his guests, confederates and enemies. This article isn't complete yet, but I'll try to assess the allegations contained in some accounts of his swindling activities published during his lifetime.

Greater Soho

Introduction to a dataset (formerly called Red Light District). I started out researching the names and addresses in Harris's Lists of Covent Garden Ladies and found that the addresses were concentrated in certain streets in Soho and even more in the areas to the north of Soho around the Middlesex Hospital. These were prostitutes of a middle range, neither common street walkers nor the mistresses of lords, though some may have gone up and/or down that scale.

The Memoirs of Miss Arabella Bolton

This article is incomplete. The wicked Colonel Luttrell's seduction of the noble Arabella Bolton and her tragic end, written as a political and moral tale probably by Cuthbert Shaw. How true are the facts?
From Henry Lawes Luttrell's ODNB article

Mill Voters 1802

Introduction to a dataset.