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Mill Voters 1802

Introduction to a dataset.


Introduction to a dataset. Only surnames A to F so far.

Amendments to Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Introduction to a dataset: 70 Dictionary of National Biography articles with vital data added by Ed Pope


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Full article but not updated since 2012
These are notes on my methods of researching unidentified people in Godwin's diary, (which I guess could also be useful for all research on individuals from that era about whom information is scarce). The real art is in being familiar with all the different sources and cross-checking them until a picture starts to emerge.

Overview of my history project

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My dad, who died when I was 19, back in 1967, had showed me the Pope family tree, mostly researched by his father. He let me pore freely over the 1911 edition of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica, from which I copied out lists of Egyptian pharaohs. And he sent me to St Neots' School, Eversley, Hants, where at the age of 10 I came top in a school of 8 to 13 year old boys in a history test sat by the whole school.  I've always liked history and it came naturally to me, but it has come and gone in different phases of my life.

William Godwin, the Reveleys and the Jenningses

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On Monday 25th January 1796 Joseph Farington dined at the home of his fellow artist John Hoppner with the sculptor Joseph Wilton, and the artist Francis Wheatley and his wife. Among other bits of gossip Farington learned that "Mrs Revely has committed indiscretions with a Mr Jennings, an attorney. Mrs Jennings has proclaimed it. Revely has called on Banks for advice. Mrs Revely is still in his house but they do not speak".