Godwin Diary


17.7.1810 Kerr calls / 10.8.1810 Bradley v. Kerr / 13.8.1810 Kerr calls / 31.8.1815 meet Kerr / 13.4.1829 call on Kerr
21.12.1807 Advertisement, Shopman; Bradley, &c / 9.3.1812 Bradley absent
J Kerr bookseller Holborn-hill 1810 (bbti) / John Kerr schoolmaster 18 Little Wild-st (Holdens 1811). Bradley could have been Godwin's shopman from 1807 to 1812, like the Godwin's domestic servants who hardly get a mention in the diary. If so, Bradley v. Kerr might have referred to him


18.7.1810 call on Gotobed
Holdens directory 1811: Thomas Gotobed attorney 15 Norfolk-st Strand / Charles Gotobed linen draper 30 Gt Marylebone-st

Morton, John

5.1.1810 call on Morton (S R)

Smith of Sunday Review

13.8.1810 Smith of Sun. Rev. calls / 15.8.1810 Smith, S R, calls
Courier 5.5.1815 Sunday Review to be sold, apply to Charles Smith mapseller 172 Strand (bbti). See my entry for John Morton, whose wife was Katharine daughter of Colquhoun Smith, printer, and executor of her will PCC 1818 which also mentioned her daughter Margaret Jacobina wife of John Anderson bookseller of 40 West Smithfield


2.6.1810 Warwick calls

Cumberland, Duke of

7.6.1810 call, w. M(ary) J(ane), on D. of Cumbd
Ernest Augustus 1771-1851 fifth son of George III was Duke of Cumberland & Teviotdale from 1799. On 31.5.1810 he was attacked and wounded and his valet Sellis was found with his throat cut. Cumberland was an extreme Tory in the Lords. Francis Place was foreman of the coroners jury which concluded Sellis had cut his own throat but there was much speculative scandal about Cumberland's role in these events

Miles junior

8.6.1810 dine at Johnson, w. Miles jr. &c
John Miles 1784-1856 was an executor of Joseph Johnson's will and married Anne daughter of Eliezer Chater in 1811. His father Joseph Miles of Liverpool will PCC 1816 had married Joseph Johnson's niece Mary and their only other surviving son in 1810 was Joseph Johnson Miles 1800-1867 so he was likely the 10 year old Miles jr at Johnson's in 1810


13.6.1810 call on Sheldon / 24.5.1813 call on Sheldon; adv. Towers
Possibly Isaac Sheldon bookseller 2 Moor-st Soho (SunFire 1807, 1810, 1819)


30.6.1810 H Boinville calls: C B dines
This C B has been coded on GD website to the Baxter family, implying presumably Christina Baxter who certainly came to London later with Godwin's daughter Mary, but no reason to think she was in London in 1810, her father had last seen Godwin in the summer of 1809. This was more likely to have been Cornelia Boinville age 15


29.6.1810 Guildhall (Tabart); adv. Phipps &c / 10.7.1810 Phipps calls / 31.7.1810 Guildhall (Tabart); adv. Phipps &c / 11.8.1810 Guildhall; Tabart, Phipps &c / 20.8.1810 examination of sir R(ichard) P(hillips); adv.