My Life

Pope, Edward Christopher 1995

Names in (brackets) have been changed. 1995 the second year I picked out of a hat to write up my life. Having now discovered my diary of this year I'm in the middle of rewriting this. At the start of 1995 I was 46, I had been living about four years on my boat Tao at Medley on Portmeadow, Oxford, I had been working about ten years as part-time bookkeeper and computer programmer for care agency Oxford Aunts in George Street, Oxford, and I had been seeing my girlfriend (Dora) for about nine months.

Pope, Edward Christopher 1948-1951

There were points in my life as early as age 10 and probably even earlier when I deliberately scanned my earliest memories, so now I'm 66 I can't tell the memories from the memories of them. The filing of memories from my first three years seems to be by place, recalling incidents that took place in my first home at 9 Acton Lane, near Chiswick Park tube station in West London, England. When I was nearly three we moved next door to 11 Acton Lane and we let number 9 to tenants, and I hardly ever went back in there. Both houses are now demolished.