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B Mm

call on Ellis B Mm Philips 19.9.1803
GD website has B Mm Philips uncoded, but B Mm was...

Godwin Diary

see Blue Posts

Godwin Diary

"story of B.F." perhaps connected to "M to the papers" 8.2.91 see that entry

Godwin Diary

HCR diary 13.2.1823  Babingtons at a musical party at Aders

Crabb Robinson Diary

call on Bachelor 2.3.1804
Coming between calls on Richard Wordsworth attorney and Joslyn...

Godwin Diary
Bacon, John

10.12.1795 Godwin calls on / then no Bacon till 1822
see letter from Samuel Parr to Godwin...

Godwin Diary

HCR diary 23.2.1825 at Aders "a Frankfurter Mr Baff"
A Charles Baff of 48 Bell St,...

Crabb Robinson Diary
Bage. Robert

Bage 14.6.1797 at Elford and Tamworth / 4.6.1800 write to Bage / 17.8.1800 adv Bages at Darwin's...

Godwin Diary
Bagnall, Miss

miss Bagnal 11.11.1802 at R(aphael) Smith's

Godwin Diary
Bagster, Samuel

5.7.1808 call on Bagster / 3.9.1808 again / 19.9.1808 Bagster calls / 18.11.1809 call on Bagster...

Godwin Diary

Bailey 17.1.1795 at Powel's / 31.1.1795 again / 2.2.1795 at Thelwal's / 12.2.1795 at Gerald's /...

Godwin Diary
Bailey, Mary

Joseph & Mary Godwin's eldest daughter Mary or Mary Ann. for baptism see Godwin, Joseph....

Godwin Diary
Bailey, Thomas

Thomas Bailey of Isleworth
Land Tax Isleworth 1793 TB £5 pa prop Mr Knevett / William s of...

Mill Voters 1802
Bailey, Thomas (Hounslow)

Thomas Bailey of Hounslow plumped for Burdett
Land Tax 1802 Heston TB £4 pa prop Francis...

Mill Voters 1802
Bailey, William

William Bailey brazier of Holborn proposed 22.6.1792 by John Towill Rutt 2nded Joyce (Jeremiah...

Society of Constitutional Information

call on Baillie 29.11.1805  / 11.10.1818 Baillie dines / 30.11.1826 call on Baillie at Tower (...

Godwin Diary
Baillie, Matthew

16.3.1789 Dr Bailey & sisters at Miss Williams'. Baillie in Godwin's 1796 list for 1788...

Godwin Diary

Bairds 23.4.1801 at Goldsmith's

Godwin Diary

2.3.1792 at Brand Hollis' / 26.8.1794 at Reveley's & Lowry / 20.12.1797 at Reveley's &...

Godwin Diary
Baker, Joseph

Joseph Baker of Isleworth plumped for Burdett
Land Tax 1809, 1814 Isleworth Joseph Baker £...

Mill Voters 1802
Baker, Mrs

mrs Baker 8.6.1799 at E Reynolds'
Perhaps an actress but a common name (see Highfill,...

Godwin Diary
Baker, Thomas

23.2.1810 write to Baker / 4.8.1810 again / 10.11.1810 again / 19.11.1810 Baker (Southampton)...

Godwin Diary

28.10.1810 sup at Collier's, w. Bakewel &c / 30.12.1810 Colliers, Bakewel &c dine / 4.5....

Godwin Diary
Bakewell, Benjamin

Benjamin Bakewell of Cornhill proposed 30.3.1792 by James West 2nded John Farnell Tuffin. Family...

Society of Constitutional Information
Bakewell, William

William Bakewell of Burton on Trent proposed 22.6.1792 by Benjamin Bakewell 2nded John Horne...

Society of Constitutional Information
Balam, Mrs

call with M(ary) J(ane) on mrs Balam 29.1.1805 (after calling on Mary Lamb)
A Mrs Balam...

Godwin Diary
Baldrey, Joshua Kirby

CURRENT TEXT "Baldrey must have been a widower when on"...

Amendments to Oxford DNB

HCR DIARY 25.1.1832 the Aders gave a The Dansant at Willis Rooms "Many of the company were in...

Crabb Robinson Diary
Ball, Charles

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Charles Ball of Dublin proposed member 6.6.1783 by John...

Godwin Diary, Society of Constitutional Information, Irish
Ball, Daniel

Daniel Ball of Richmond, plumped for Burdett, had 3 shares in Mill.
Danil Ball (his mark...

Mill Voters 1802
Ball, John

SWEDENBORGIANS:  John Ball was in the printed list 7.12.1788 of 77 people. John Bail was bapt 25...

Ball, Nicholas

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset
Nicholas Ball ratebooks 10 Batemans...

Greater Soho
Ballard, Charles

Charles Ballard of Richmond plumped for Burdett
Charles son of John & Elizabeth...

Mill Voters 1802
Ballard, Theophilus Green

John Ballard = Chelmsford, Essex 27.5.1765 Sukey Lobb botp
Sukey Lobb born 1745 was the...

LCS & other radicals
Ballen, Miss

25.3.1796 miss Ballen at John King's with Este, Rogers, Gordon  / 8.4.1796 miss Ballen at John...

Godwin Diary, John King's Crowd
Balmanno, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Balmanno jr of Spital Sq proposed member 11.5.1792...

Godwin Diary, Society of Constitutional Information