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2.10.1807 E T en bas

The only other uses of E T in Godwin's diary were twice in 1830...

Godwin Diary
Eagle, Mrs

mrs Eagle 9.8.1800 at Lady Moira's
Simon Eagle of Gerrardstown co. Dublin = May 1790...

Godwin Diary, Irish

Eale 14.11.1799 at theatre
A rare name, nearest relevant reference I found was Joseph Eale...

Godwin Diary

call on EAO 27.3.1805 / 9.5.1805 call on IO / 13.12.1809 call on Equitable (Planta, &c)...

Godwin Diary

Eardley 2.3.1803 at Lady Valentia's. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1803
Sampson Eardley...

Godwin Diary

17.6.1807 explanation, S S; adv. T(homas) T(urner) from Earle / 13.7.1811 Earle adv. at theatre...

Godwin Diary
Easte, William

MILL VOTERS 1802: William Easte of Brentford End

Mill Voters 1802

miss Eastwick dines 28.3.1805 (&Rowans & Beresfords) / 29.3.1805 L Eastwick at tea / 11....

Godwin Diary

AMENDMENTS TO OXFORD DNB: Daniel Isaac Eaton DNB 1753-1814 see below

Amendments to Oxford DNB, Society of Constitutional Information
Eaton, Richard

HCR diary 14.6.1822 at Aders "The Miss Lanes there - Miss L. senr is a governess at Mr Eaton's...

Crabb Robinson Diary

Ebworth calls 22.2.1802
Geo Ebsworth copperplate printer 7 Rolls Bldgs Chancery Lane 1793-...

Godwin Diary

Ede 9.5.1790 at John Paradise's / 21.3.1805 adv at Philips'
The Ede at publisher Richard...

Godwin Diary

4.7.1796 miss Brunton & mr Eden call

Godwin Diary
Edgeworth, Henry

12.10.1799 sup at Johnson's; adv. Edgworth jr / 31.12.1799 dine at Johnson's, w. Edgworth junior...

Godwin Diary

17.7.1808 sup at Toppings w. Edlam
Edlam very rare name but Headlam was a Northern name...

Godwin Diary
Edmonds, Henrietta

SWEDENBORGIANS:  Henrietta Edmonds bapt New Jerusalem chapel 7.6.1788 on published list of 77...

Edmonds, Thomas

See Castle Street East 1 to 15 &c in London Addresses dataset
No 8 Castle St East Land...

Greater Soho

send home Edmondson
Jonathan E methodist preacher 1766-1842 (John Rylands Methodist...

Godwin Diary
Edridge, Henry

Edridge 7.5.1806 Godwin calls on with Wordsworth & Duppa
Henry Edridge DNB 1768-1821....

Godwin Diary
Edwards (Oswestry)

12.10.1810 Edwards (Oswestry) calls
Likely to have been William Edwards bookseller of...

Godwin Diary
Edwards, Ann

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset
Ann Edwards 1 Batemans Bldgs ratebooks...

Greater Soho
Edwards, D

D Edwards 27.4.1801 calls / 28.4.1801 calls

Godwin Diary
Edwards, engr

22.5.1807 call on Edwards, engr
Most likely engr was short for engraver (though engineer...

Godwin Diary
Edwards, George

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Dr Edwards of Barnard Castle proposed member 25.12.1790...

Godwin Diary, Society of Constitutional Information
Edwards, Hollis

see Mr Edwards (5) 22.12.1790 / 9.1.1791 call on Edwards / 4.3.1791 Mr Edwards calls / 2.3.1792...

Godwin Diary
Edwards, James

20.11.1796 Edwards at (Jonas) Davis' / 19.5.1797 at A(melia) A(lderson)'s with Fuseli / 30.5....

Godwin Diary
Edwards, Richard

MILL VOTERS 1802: Richard Edwards of Isleworth
Charles of Richard (shoemaker) & Sarah...

Mill Voters 1802
Edwards, Thomas

27.2.1795 at Frend's.
Supposed by Ben Ross Schneider, "Wordsworth's Cambridge Education",...

Amendments to Oxford DNB, Godwin Diary
Edwards, Thomas

SWEDENBORGIANS: New Jerusalem Chapel Thomas Edwards born 25.3.1750, Thomas of Thomas &...

Edwards, William

Breakfast at Edwards's 14.8.1800 / 19.8.1800 call on mrs Edwards (in London)
In his letter...

Godwin Diary
Egan, John

6.10.1806 call on Curran: adv.. Egan, Jennings, Paul & Bosville / 12.10.1806 sup at Egan's,...

Godwin Diary, Irish
Egerton, Joseph

Egerton at Sarah Elwes' 3.7.1799
GD website has coded all Egerton entries in Godwin's...

Godwin Diary
Egerton, Thomas

Egerton's 20.3.1799
Thomas Egerton bookseller 30/32 Charing Cross till 1830 Sun F 1782,...

Godwin Diary
Egerton, Thomas

MILL VOTERS 1802: Thomas Egerton of Richmond
Thomas Egerton bur 25.7.1803 Richmond age 64...

Mill Voters 1802
Elam, Thomas

19.3.1806 call on Elam
Thomas Elam woollendraper and mans mercer 44 Bedfordbury SunFire...

Godwin Diary
Elgin, Earl of

13.10.1810 Elgin's w. Newtons &c
These must have been the famous Elgin marbles which...

Godwin Diary