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26.8.1807 100 Fabs &c
Presumably copies of Godwin's work written under pseudonym...

Godwin Diary
Faddy, Charles

SWEDENBORGIANS: New Jerusalem Chapel Charles Faddy bapt 23.3..1794 born 17.2.1775 of Peter...


Fagan 15.11.1804 at H Rowan's / 30.12.1805 again / 17.1.1806 again
Perhaps one of the...

Godwin Diary, Irish
Fagg, Frederick

MILL VOTERS 1802:  Frederick Fagg of Twickenham
Frederick Hunt Fagg bur 29.7.1845...

Mill Voters 1802
Fairfield. Mrs

call on mrs Fairfield 31.3.1798 with Basil Montagu / 23.5.1814 mrs Fairfield calls (& Sarah...

Godwin Diary
Falconer, William

26.9.1791 M R of Falconer on Climate.
Dr William Falconer DNB 1744-1824 wrote Remarks on...

Godwin Diary
Falkener, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Falkener of Bishopsgate St proposed 27.9.1782 by...

Society of Constitutional Information
Falkner, Matthew

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Matthew Falkner Esq of Manchester proposed 6.6.1788 by...

Society of Constitutional Information
Fancourt. Olivia

O Fancourt 1.12.1798 at hers with Chandler. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1798 / 4.12.1798 again / 9...

Godwin Diary

17.9.1807 Fargues calls / 8.10.1807 again / 29.10.1807 call on Fargues

Francis Peter...

Godwin Diary
Farrer, William

MILL VOTERS 1802:  William Farrar of Ham
William Farrer victualler of Isleworth 6.1.1786...

Mill Voters 1802
Faulder, Robert

12.3.1810 dine at J White's, w. Faulder &c / 13.7.1810 call on Faulder / 11.10.1810 again /...

Godwin Diary
Faulkener, Francis

MILL VOTERS 1802:  Francis Faulkener of Isleworth
Francis Faulkner bur 30.9.1803 Isleworth...

Mill Voters 1802

Faulkner 6.1.1800 at O Fancourt's
One of the guests whom Chandler considered too many (see...

Godwin Diary
Favell, Samuel

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Samuel Favell of Tooley St proposed 25.10.1782 by John...

Godwin Diary, Society of Constitutional Information
Fawcett, Thomas & Isaac

GODWIN DIARY: 8.4.1796 at Thos Fawcett's with Powel, Bedder / Fawcett 17.1.1795 at Powell's with...

Godwin Diary, Society of Constitutional Information
Fawcett, William

SWEDENBORGIANS: Intellectual Repository 1826/7 p 425 obituary of Major General W Fawcett "among...

Fayle, Charlotte

HCR diary 9.1.1840 "yesterday I saw only Miss Fayle"
see Babington (QV*)

Crabb Robinson Diary
Fazakerly, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Fazakerly of Salisbury proposed by Count Zenobio 24...

Society of Constitutional Information

HCR diary 29.10.1814 Mr & Mrs Fazy returned from Salonica

Crabb Robinson Diary
Fearon, Miss

15.10.1806 miss Fearon at Topping's

The only appearance of this name in Godwin's diary,...

Godwin Diary

mrs Featherstone 19.7.1800 at Mcnally's
Leonard Macnally Dict Irish Biog 1752-1820 his...

Godwin Diary, Irish

Featon 28.3.1797 at Townley's collection

Godwin Diary
Fell's trial

call on Foulkes (trial) 26.1.1804 / call on Foulkes, Fell at tea, Alvanley's chambers, bail with...

Godwin Diary
Fell, Capt

capt Fell 23.11.1799 at Parry's, Hammersmith
In Army List Capt Joseph Fell was on half pay...

Godwin Diary
Fell, John

13.2.1790 Fell at Anti-Tests. John Fell DNB 1735-97


Godwin Diary
Fell, Ralph

18.5.1799 Fells at tea (Whitby) / 15.2.1800 Richard & Ra Fell call / 18.2.1800 Fell at tea;...

Godwin Diary
Fell, Sarah

see Karre, Sarah

Godwin Diary
Fell, Thomas

see Batemans Buldings in London Addresses dataset
Thomas Fell ratebooks 5 Batemans Bldgs...

Greater Soho
Fellowes, Henry

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset
Henry Fellowes 14 Batemans Buildings...

Greater Soho
Felton, Samuel

5.1.1789 Felton at B. Hollis' / 20.4.1789 again / 2.3.1792 again / 6.4.1795 Felton at John King'...

Godwin Diary

Fenn 23.4.1797 adv at Holcrofts & Amelia Alderson / 13.4.1829 call on Fenn / 9.8.1834 Fenn's...

Godwin Diary
Fenwick, Eliza

GODWIN DIARY: them 16.7.1799 & 15.10.1800 underlined in GD website, should be coded to John...

Amendments to Oxford DNB, Godwin Diary
Fenwick, Eliza Anne

call on E Fenwick (Elise) 17.7.1797 / 12.6.1802 E & E Fenwicks at tea / 8.11.1807 F[enwic]k...

Godwin Diary
Fenwick, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Fenwick of Walworth proposed 5.10.1792 by Thomas...

Society of Constitutional Information
Fenwick, Thomas James

Brother of John Fenwick. The bankruptcy announcement in the London Gazette of 1803 said Thomas...

Godwin Diary