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Pope, Edward Christopher 1963

Krefeld Wienandts Robert Duirs

Derby bet May 30th

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1962

Scholarship, O levels
Pond House Cote. Faringdon dance
Spanish Jack Scarr

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1961

Scholarship. Scorer. Garden
Masturbation, Osterley. Noble cinema

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1960

Saundersfoot summer hols

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1959

This year I was in form 3a, what I can remember about that was Mr Proctor getting us to study...

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1958

Saved by girls at Acton Green swings from boys who were pushing my swing too high and fast and I...

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1957

The next form I was in (2b) was in the biggest schoolroom and it was run by Mrs Polity the art...

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1956

I remember going to see Davy Crockett (King of the Wild Frontier) at our nearest cinema, the...

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1955

At school I moved up to Mrs Kemp's class. Apparently she was a socialist but I don't recall much...

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1954

At school I moved up to Miss Brenda's class from Mrs Foster's kindergarten. There I remember...

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1953

CBPPS Chiswick and Bedford Park Preparatory School, headmistress Madame Fellowes, kindergarten...

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1951-1952

first memories of 11 acton lane
outside toilet, new one indoors. taking most of garden of...

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1948-1951

There were points in my life as early as age 10 and probably even earlier when I deliberately...

My Life
Pope, Alexander

30.11.1793 at Wrights (with Perry) / in 1796 list (crossed out) for 1793, and in 1794 version / ...

Godwin Diary
Pope Rembrandt Rubens Raffaele

talk of Pope Rembrandt Rubens & Raffaele 9.5.1801
on GD website Rembrandt is uncoded...

Godwin Diary
Poole, Clement

write to Poole 15.3.1802 / 5.6.1802 write to Poole / 19.8.1802 write to M, Liverpool : M dines...

Godwin Diary
Poole, Caroline

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62, and 10 to 18 & 45 to 48,  in London Addresses...

Greater Soho
Pool, Thomas

See Castle Street East 1 to 15 in London Addresses dataset
No 15 Castle St East Land Tax...

Greater Soho

Pontigny 27.2.1805 adv at (R) Taylor's
Victor de Mazet Pontigny son of Henry Pontigny of...

Godwin Diary

see Newman Street 1 to 9 in London Addresses dataset
Land Tax 7 Newman St empty 1795-6 /...

Greater Soho
Pomfret, Earl (George Fermor)

E Pomfret 31.3.1793 at Paradise's. George Fermor born 1768, became Earl Pomfret 9.6.1785, died...

Godwin Diary
Pollard, Robert

ROBERT POLLARD 1755/6-1839
SUGGESTED ADDITION <In 1794 he was suspected of membership...

Amendments to Oxford DNB, LCS & other radicals

6.5.1807 call on Polhill
The only mention of Polhill in Godwin's diary. Godwin had...

Godwin Diary
Poland Street number not known

These are people referred to as being of Poland Street but where I haven't discovered which...

London Addresses
Poland Street 19 to 44

The north section of Poland Street, on the west side from the corner house 1 Gt Marlborough St (...

London Addresses
Poland Street 10 to 18 & 45 to 48

The middle section of Poland St, on the east side (10 to 18) from Portland St to the most...

London Addresses
Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62

This was the south end of Poland Street, from Broad Street up to Portland Street on the east...

London Addresses
Poinder (Poynter)

see Forster, Mrs in Crabb Robinson Diary dataset

Crabb Robinson Diary
Poignand, Louis

31.8.1797 Dr Poignand / 3.9.1797 Poignand
Louis Poignand (Monk's Roll) born Poitou France...

Godwin Diary

HCR diary 10.4.1822 at Aders met son of Poel whom Robinson had known in Altona in 1807. His...

Crabb Robinson Diary

15.11.1811 call on Pocock / 28.1.1812 again / 10.2.1812 again / 17.2.1812 again / 3.5.1812 Poole...

Godwin Diary

HCR diary 19.6.1824 at Aders "Sir Charles and Lady Pocock - she an horrible person"...

Crabb Robinson Diary
Pocklington, Henry Sharpe

10.7.1796 Pocklington at Tho. Harvey's / 20.7.1796 Pocklington dines (probably at Alderson's):...

Godwin Diary

meet mrs Plunket 16.7.1800 (in Ireland) / 23.9.1800 mrs Plunket at theatre (in London) / 25.9....

Godwin Diary, Irish, John King's Crowd
Plummer, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Plummer merchant of Lime Street proposed member...

Society of Constitutional Information
Plowden, Francis Peter

In Godwin's 1796 list for 1796 but not coded to his person record in GD website

Godwin Diary, John King's Crowd