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Pope, Edward Christopher 1976

Lake District with Richard's schoolkids
met Jackie at Bob's party

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1977

City Rumbles
fall out with Jackie

Back Street Bugle

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1978

Radcliffe diet kitchen
ABC campaign

98 Southmoor Rd

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1979

NUPE strikes
won appeals but resigned from Radcliffe
Comtek at Milton Keynes

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1980

gardening at Queen Elizabeth House

Amsterdam holiday
Uhuru threw out Bugle

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1981-82

Mevagissey caravan holiday, first Hartland holiday
Make bed, trying to make baby

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1983

Jackie's Rome holiday, Moira, girl next door
Save the badgers

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1984-85

History Workshop Centre for Social History (newsletter 3 about Oct 1985), Open Forum,...

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1986

Chipping Norton
St Neots, Hugh's 40th, Guy's book launch

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1987

birthday oval table Crypt 13 Finola
seeing Alan off at Heathrow
oct 15 mahmoud mirza...

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1988

taxi to Bob's in night
cold walk Jason Catriona Alan's death
Jackie found...

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1989

Ribbleside holiday
Cotswold bike ride holiday

My Life
Pope, Edward Christopher 1995

Names in (brackets) have been changed. 1995 the second year I picked out of a hat to write up my...

My Life

Porter 2.4.1797 at Mary Robinson's / 4.6.1797 at Horseman's, Oxford / 27.4.1800 adv at Mary...

Godwin Diary

Porteus 15.3.1797 at Robert Knight's / 14.5.1809 Porteus dies
For the 1797 entry GD...

Godwin Diary
Potigny, Mrs

5.3.1806 Mrs Potigny at Taylor's
Couldn't find any other mention of her

Godwin Diary
Potts, Ann M

miss Potts 6.9.1799 sups at Godwin's with H G / 9.10.1799 tea at Fell's with Godwin, Marshall...

Godwin Diary
Potts, James

2.3.1789 Nicol & Potts at Robinson's and 9.3.1789 same pair at Hamilton's.

Godwin Diary, Irish

Poulain 2.1.1794 at Richard Johnson's
1774 Poulain, the Academy, Kensington / 1786 Paris '...

Godwin Diary
Poulett, Peter

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Peter Paulett Esq of Manchester proposed member 6.6.1788...

Society of Constitutional Information

11.3.1796 Powell at Holcroft's
Not James Powell the spy as coded in GD website. In...

Godwin Diary

7.1.1789 Powell at Miss Williams' and 14.9.1789 there.
Jane Powell 1766-1838 and her...

Godwin Diary
Powell, Henry Watson

Gen. Powell 10.10.1794 at Johnson's.
His will PCC 1814 Henry Watson Powell, General in...

Godwin Diary
Powell, Jane

14.11.1807 write to H Siddons & mrs Powel / 2.12.1807 mrs Powel calls / 2.6.1808 Exhibition...

Godwin Diary
Powell, Lancelot

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset
Lancelot Powell ratebooks 8 Batemans...

Greater Soho
Powlett, Charles

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Rev Charles Powlett proposed member 1.2.1782 by John...

Society of Constitutional Information

Prado 25.6.1801 adv at Northcote's / 14.10.1801 Prado's nephew at Hoare's / 9.7.1805 Prado at...

Godwin Diary
Pratbernon, John

see Poland Sterr 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset
John Pratbernon 27 Poland St...

Greater Soho

Jas Pratt calls 25.1.1803 / 3.9.1804 Pratt (taylor) calls / 15.8.1813 call on Pratt, Islington...

Godwin Diary
Pratt, Edward Roger

18.7.1796 Pratts at J Astley's
Blanch Astley sister of Sir Edward Astley married Edward...

Godwin Diary
Pratt, Samuel Jackson

In Godwin's 1796 list near end of 1796 but not coded to his person record in GD website. For...

Godwin Diary

9.5.1809 Prattent calls / 10.5.1809 again / 17.5.1809 again
Thomas Prattent engraver 48...

Godwin Diary
Prendergast, John

see Poland Street 1 to 8 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset
John Prendergast 50...

Greater Soho

Prescot 21.3.1802 at King's / 4.4.1802 again / 9.12.1809 call on Prescot
The 1802 entries...

Godwin Diary, John King's Crowd
Prescott, Rachel

write to R Prescot 17.4.1799
Rachel Prescott of Blackburn, Lancs dated her first letter to...

Godwin Diary
Prescott, Roger

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Roger Prescott of Devonshire Square proposed member 12....

Society of Constitutional Information