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Peele's with Hodgkins 19.10.1805 / 28.12.1805 call on Peele's / 2,9,1807 again / 7.2.1812 Geo...

Godwin Diary
Peckitt, Henry

SWEDENBORGIANS: Henry Peckitt retired apothecary 50 Old Compton St, Soho in list of Theosophical...


19.9.1809 call on Pecket
Holdens Directory 1811: Mrs S Peckett 50 Old Compton-st Soho /...

Godwin Diary
Peasant (Caston)

13.7.1796 drive with Copland to Caston : Peasant
This was a long drive, Caston is 30 miles...

Godwin Diary

see Perry, James

Godwin Diary

GODWIN DIARY: 14.10.1791 Pearson and his character talked of at J Hollis', with Dr Lister and...

Godwin Diary, Society of Constitutional Information

dine at Pearsal's: Spitalfields, silk mill 12.7.1804 / 28.2.1809 call on Pearsal / 2.3.1809...

Godwin Diary

Pearce 21.4.1794 at Thelwal's, 5.12.1794 at Foulkes and 2.2.1795 at Thelwal's.

Godwin Diary

26.12.1807 T(homas) T(urner) sups from Peake
The only Peake entry in Godwin's diary,...

Godwin Diary
Peacock, Thomas

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Thomas Peacock of Holborn Bridge proposed member 5.10....

Society of Constitutional Information

16.2.1796 Peach at Lauderdale's
Just a possible identity, one of the four sons of Samuel...

Godwin Diary
Payne, Thomas

2.7.1789 young Paynes at Billingsgate with Robinson &c / 13.8.1796 T & Ja Payne at...

Godwin Diary
Payne, Elizabeth

see Poland street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset
5 Poland St ratebooks...

Greater Soho
Paull, James

6.10.1806 Paul at Curran's

The GD website has a person record for James Paull but has...

Godwin Diary
Paul, John

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset
John Paul ratebooks 7 Batemans...

Greater Soho

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Joseph Pattison of Thorpe Hall nr Rochford, Essex...

Godwin Diary, Crabb Robinson Diary, Society of Constitutional Information

8.4.1796 Patrickson at Thos Fawcett's
This could have been the father of Godwin's protegé...

Godwin Diary
Paterson, Alexander

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset
Alexander Paterson 11 Batemans...

Greater Soho

Paterson 19.11.1793 at Jennings' / 2.4.1794 at Newgate / 1.2.1795 & 3.2.1795 at Foulkes' / ...

Godwin Diary
Pate, Miss

HCR DIARY 10.4.1842 Miss Pate "related to me a strange story of Basil Montagu" (shorthand...

Godwin Diary, Crabb Robinson Diary

HCR diary 15.4.1838 at Aders' "He, I should say they are annoyed at the difficulty in disposing...

Crabb Robinson Diary

18.5.1809 Pass calls / 24.5.1809 call on Pass / 10.6.1809 again / 19.6.1809 call, w. M(ary) J(...

Godwin Diary
Pasley, Charles William

2.5.1807 breakfast at Coleridge's, w. Pasley
Charles William Pasley (DNB 1780-1861). See...

Godwin Diary
Pashley, miss

28.3.1810 J Johnson, H, W & P Hopwood dine; adv. mrs Topping, L(ouisa) H(olcroft), V(illiers...

Godwin Diary
partner to Constable

4.8.1807 dine at Johnson's, w. partner to Constable
Archibald Constable (DNB 1774-1827) in...

Godwin Diary
Parsons, William

13.3.1794 at Wedgwoods. This appearance has been linked on the GD website to a person record...

Godwin Diary
Parsons, Richard

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset
Richard Parsons 40 Poland St (...

Greater Soho
Parsons, Mrs

29.2.1796 mrs Parsons at mrs Robinson's / 1.5.1796 there / 29.4.1806 Parsons at Tuffin's with...

Godwin Diary
Parsons, Lawrence

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Laurence Parsons Esq MP for Dublin University proposed...

Society of Constitutional Information
Parson, Dr

call on Dr Parson 27.3.1797
There was a medical doctor, Dr John Parson of St James...

Godwin Diary
Parry, Richard

Parry arrives 27.6.1795 & 1.7.1795 at Willes's & 4.7.1795 at Morley's & 6.7.1795 at...

Godwin Diary
Parry, James & John

23.5.1796 at Debrett's / 14.9.1796 again / 9.1.1797 again / 29.1.1797 at H(olcrof)ts / 4.2.1797...

Godwin Diary
Parry, George

see Newman Street 1 to 9 in London Addresses dataset
George Parry 1 Newman St Land Tax...

Greater Soho

HCR diary 18.12.1820 at Aders "I went by particular desire to meet a Mr & Mrs Parry - He a...

Crabb Robinson Diary
Parr, Sarah

miss Parr 6.7.1794 in Norwich (coded in GD website as Sarah Parr).
I tried to find any...

Godwin Diary
Parr of Exeter

3.2.1807 Parr of Ex. at Johnson's

Bartholomew Parr (1751-1810) MD of Exeter, his will...

Godwin Diary