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Seward 19.5.1793 at Tooke's / 23.1.1798 at Johnson's / 13.10.1820 seek Seward / 16.10.1820 call...

Godwin Diary
Sewell, Bartholomew

5.7.1794 B Sewel / 13.7.1796 dine at Sewel.
Bartholomew Sewell was baptised 5.7.1759 son...

Godwin Diary

call on H(olcrof)t at Harwwood's adv Mathans & Shakeshaft 5.5.1804
This entry has been...

Godwin Diary

29.2.1796 call on Nothcote, talk of Shakspear & Burke
Obviously William Shakespeare...

Godwin Diary
Shakespeare, John

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset
Messrs Palmer &...

Greater Soho

sharer 11.3.1800 adv at theatre / 6.5.1800 again / 2.2.1801 Renter adv at theatre

Godwin Diary
Sharp, Richard

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Richard Sharp of 6 Fish St Hill proposed member 13.9....

Godwin Diary, Society of Constitutional Information
Sharp, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Sharpe of Charles St, Cavendish Square proposed...

Godwin Diary, Society of Constitutional Information
Sharp, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Sharpe of Leadenhall St proposed member 20.4....

Society of Constitutional Information

20.11.1809 call on Sharpe
In a string of calls on mostly booksellers going west from St...

Godwin Diary
Sharpe, Granville

22.11.1794 (alongside week ending) Sharpe Gram at Tooke's trial.
Surely Granville Sharp...

Godwin Diary
Sharpe, Mrs

2.11.1795 at Richard Johnson's
Perhaps accompanying a daughter of the recently deceased...

Godwin Diary
Sharpe, Sutton

HCR diary 18.2.1823 "at Flaxman's - no one there but the Aders and some of the Denmans and Miss...

Crabb Robinson Diary

Sharpless 23.8.1801 calls / 10.11.1801 Sharples calls / 16.11.1801 Sharples calls (sit)

Godwin Diary

3.10.1788 Godwin writes to Lomer & Shaw / 1.9.1790 Shaw at Holcroft's / 10.7.1800 Shaws at...

Godwin Diary
Shaw, Charles

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Charles Shaw Esq of Lincolns Inn proposed member 13.1....

Society of Constitutional Information

Sheath Amn 31.10.1801 at D Stuart's
Amn was presumably short for American

Godwin Diary
Shee, Annesley

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Annesley Shee of St James Place proposed member 25.5....

Society of Constitutional Information
Shee, Martin Archer

In Godwin's 1796 list for 1795 but not coded to his person record in GD website

Godwin Diary
Shee, Mrs

mrs Shee 19.10.1805 at Perry's
Probably the wife of Martin Archer Shee DNB 1769-1850, who...

Godwin Diary

Sheehy 14.7.1800 at Grattan's

Godwin Diary, Irish
Sheffield, William Evetts

W Sheffd 19.11.1799 at Nicholson's lecture / 29.10.1804 miss Sheffields tea / 30.8.1806...

Godwin Diary

13.6.1810 call on Sheldon / 24.5.1813 call on Sheldon; adv. Towers
Possibly Isaac Sheldon...

Godwin Diary
Shelley, George

GODWIN DIARY: Shelley 18.8.1792 on stage coach to Rumford, Essex. Possibly the SCI member below...

Godwin Diary, Society of Constitutional Information

Shepherds call 13.7.1798 / 16.6.1799 Shepherd at Horne Tooke's /
21.4.1801 Shepherd at...

Godwin Diary
Shepperson, John

Shepperson 10.8.1794 at Holcroft's.
John Shepperson, bookseller & stationer (137...

Godwin Diary
Sherbrooke, William Coape

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Sherbrooke of Arnold nr Nottingham, original...

Society of Constitutional Information
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Richard Brinsley Sheridan of Gt Queen St original member...

Godwin Diary, Society of Constitutional Information
Sheridan, Tom

25.9.1809 write to T Sheridan
I presume this was Tom Sheridan DNB 1775-1817, then manager...

Godwin Diary
Sherman, R

Sherman 9.5.1798 call on
See Cowie for his letter to Godwin dated the day after this call...

Godwin Diary

23.7.1795 mrs Sherwood at miss Godwin's / 14.11.1800 miss Sherwood at Nicholson's / 21.1.1803...

Godwin Diary

Shiel 29.10.1795
see Shiells, Richard

Godwin Diary
Shield, Anne

18.12.1791 Mrs Shield and 22.10.1794, 23.10.1794. In his will (PCC 1829) dated 29.6.1826 William...

Godwin Diary
Shiells, Richard

29.10.1795 Shiel at Barbaulds / 16.6.1803 at Joyce's
Rev Richard Shiells of Hampstead....

Godwin Diary
Shilfox, David

see Batemans  Buildings in London Addresses dataset
David Shilfox 9 Batemans Buildings...

Greater Soho
Shipley, Jonathan

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Jonathan Shipley, Dean of St Asaph proposed member 28.5....

Society of Constitutional Information