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Smith, William Stevens

28.1.1791 Col Smith at Paradise's. In 1796 list for 1788 next to J Adams, inserted above in 1794...

Godwin Diary
Smith, William jr

son of W Smith 29.5.1833 at Rickman's / 18.11.1833 W Smith jr at Rickman's
perhaps William...

Godwin Diary
Smith, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Smith of Sunderlandwick proposed member 3.1.1783...

Society of Constitutional Information
Smith, William

GODWIN DIARY: M calls from Sharp & Smith 4.3.1808 / 13.4.1808 write to Smith; M(arshall)...

Godwin Diary, Society of Constitutional Information
Smith, Thomas Jenyns

rev T Smith calls 3.10.1809 / 20.4.1810 Dulwich College, Smith librarian / 15.1.1835 rev Smith...

Godwin Diary
Smith, Thomas

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset
Thomas Smith 22 Poland St ratebooks...

Greater Soho
Smith, Sophia

Sophia Smith at  Hume's 31.3.1811
No idea yet who this was but it may emerge later

Godwin Diary
Smith, schoolmaster

5.7.1796 call on Smith, schoolmaster (in Norfolk), 6.7.1796 Smith dines
James Smith,...

Godwin Diary
Smith, Samuel

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Samuel Smith proposed member 24.10.1783 by Jackson...

Society of Constitutional Information
Smith, printer

call on Smith, printer 7.9.1828
From British Book Trades Index I reckon there were nine or...

Godwin Diary
Smith, organist

call on Smith, organist 6.5.1813
Most likely John Stafford Smith DNB 1750-1836 organist of...

Godwin Diary
Smith, New Inn

Smith (New Inn) breakfasts 9.9.1814 / 10.9.1814 Smith (New Inn) au soir / 20.9.1814 Smith (New...

Godwin Diary
Smith, N S

N S Smith calls (monument M(ary) W(ollstonecraft) G(odwin) 5.3.1834
N S Smith translated...

Godwin Diary
Smith, mrs P

mrs P Smith 4.3.1806 at Rowan's
Godwin didn't note Peter Smith in his diary till 17.6.1810...

Godwin Diary
Smith, Miss

miss Smith 7.4.1796 at Saloman's concert / 13.11.1798 meet miss Smith / 28.3.1801 miss Smith...

Godwin Diary
Smith, Mary

Mary Smith calls 25.9.1811 (& Curran) / 1.10.1811 M Smith calls / 31.10.1811 again / 1.11....

Godwin Diary
Smith, Long

Long Smith calls 16.5.1821
see work notes below

Godwin Diary
Smith, Liverpool

Smith (Liverpool) calls 1.7.1824

Godwin Diary
Smith, Josias

call on Smith 25.2.1804 (in Lewes) / 21.3.1804 letter from Smith / 23.3.1804 write to Smith  /...

Godwin Diary
Smith, John Raphael

30.9.1798 call on mrs Foulkes adv Smiths. see Foulkes, Philippa.  In the Foulkes' divorce...

Godwin Diary, Greater Soho
Smith, John (at Uwins)

John Smith at Uwins' 5.10.1830 / 5.2.1835 Smith at Uwins'

Godwin Diary
Smith, John (at Joseph Godwin's)

call on Smith 2.10.1804 / John Sm adv 29.5.1805 at Jo(seph) G(odwin)'s / 12.7.1805 Jno Smith adv...

Godwin Diary
Smith, James, musician

17.7.1788 at Shields' in a very musical gathering. A cellist and violinist James Smith (fl 1773-...

Godwin Diary
Smith, James Edward

13.3.1794 dr Smith at Wedgwood's / 28.6.1794 dr Smith at Alderson's, adv Mr & Miss Smiths / ...

Godwin Diary
Smith, James

21.10.1801 Jas Smith breakfasts
I differ from the GD website, in the editorial notes on...

Godwin Diary
Smith, George


Godwin Diary, Society of Constitutional Information
Smith, Frederick

call on Fred Smith 13.9.1815 (not in) F Smith calls
No idea yet who this was but it may...

Godwin Diary
Smith, farmer

21.7.1794 mrs Smith at Fawcett's, 9.7.1795 Fawcett's, Hedge Grove: see Wilson, Smith &c, 29....

Godwin Diary
Smith, Edward

31.10.1810 call on Montagu; adv. Edw. Smith
See my entries for Smith, John Raphael and for...

Godwin Diary
Smith, Edward

Edw Smith 31.10.1810 adv at Montagu's

Godwin Diary
Smith, Edmund

see Poland Street 10 to 18 & 45 to 48 in London Addresses dataset
Edmund Smith linen...

Greater Soho
Smith, Clara

Clara Smith 27.4.1807 at tea
I haven't discovered who this was. See work notes below

Godwin Diary
Smith, Christopher

sheriff Smith at Philips' 14.12.1807
Christopher Smith Hist of Parl 1749-1835 was elected...

Godwin Diary
Smith, Charlotte

30.3.1795 (mes) Smith at Barbauld's = Charlotte Smith? Though Godwin didn't put her in 1796 list...

Godwin Diary
Smith, Carew

Carew Smith 1.7.1800 on wherry to Dublin
Morning Post 19.10.1793 died at Castle-connel co...

Godwin Diary, Irish
Smith, Canon

canon Smith at tea; 1.10.1803 adv miss Linnee Smith / 8.9.1805 miss Smith calls / both at...

Godwin Diary