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Shaw, Charles

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Charles Shaw Esq of Lincolns Inn proposed member 13.1....

Society of Constitutional Information

3.10.1788 Godwin writes to Lomer & Shaw / 1.9.1790 Shaw at Holcroft's / 10.7.1800 Shaws at...

Godwin Diary

Sharpless 23.8.1801 calls / 10.11.1801 Sharples calls / 16.11.1801 Sharples calls (sit)

Godwin Diary
Sharpe, Sutton

HCR diary 18.2.1823 "at Flaxman's - no one there but the Aders and some of the Denmans and Miss...

Crabb Robinson Diary
Sharpe, Mrs

2.11.1795 at Richard Johnson's
Perhaps accompanying a daughter of the recently deceased...

Godwin Diary
Sharpe, Granville

22.11.1794 (alongside week ending) Sharpe Gram at Tooke's trial.
Surely Granville Sharp...

Godwin Diary

20.11.1809 call on Sharpe
In a string of calls on mostly booksellers going west from St...

Godwin Diary
Sharp, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Sharpe of Charles St, Cavendish Square proposed...

Godwin Diary, Society of Constitutional Information
Sharp, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Sharpe of Leadenhall St proposed member 20.4....

Society of Constitutional Information
Sharp, Richard

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Richard Sharp of 6 Fish St Hill proposed member 13.9....

Godwin Diary, Society of Constitutional Information

sharer 11.3.1800 adv at theatre / 6.5.1800 again / 2.2.1801 Renter adv at theatre

Godwin Diary
Shakespeare, John

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset
Messrs Palmer &...

Greater Soho

29.2.1796 call on Nothcote, talk of Shakspear & Burke
Obviously William Shakespeare...

Godwin Diary

call on H(olcrof)t at Harwwood's adv Mathans & Shakeshaft 5.5.1804
This entry has been...

Godwin Diary
Sewell, Bartholomew

5.7.1794 B Sewel / 13.7.1796 dine at Sewel.
Bartholomew Sewell was baptised 5.7.1759 son...

Godwin Diary

Seward 19.5.1793 at Tooke's / 23.1.1798 at Johnson's / 13.10.1820 seek Seward / 16.10.1820 call...

Godwin Diary

7.7.1807 accompany T(homas) T(urner) to Setcole
A rare name. George Setcole wine merchant...

Godwin Diary

Serbonnier 9.1.1792 at Brand Hollis'

Godwin Diary

HCR diary 22.3.1838 "I had this morning a letter from Spring Rice directing me to make a formal...

Crabb Robinson Diary

Seguieras 24.4.1797 at miss Tucker's
Del Valle, Sequeira & Brandon all Jewish guests...

Godwin Diary
Semple, James George

19.11.1808 Semple Lisle calls
James George Semple DNB 1759-1815

Godwin Diary
Sempill, Hugh

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Lord Sempill proposed member 14.12.1787 by John...

Godwin Diary, Society of Constitutional Information
Selkirk, 5th Earl

28.6.1808 write to Norfolk & Selkirk / 6.7.1808 Selkirk
Thomas Douglas DNB 1771-1820,...

Godwin Diary

22.3.1795 Selinas at King's / 1.4.1795 Celinas there. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1795 as Salines...

Godwin Diary, John King's Crowd
Seldon, John

see Autobiography of Francis Place ed. Mary Thale page 88
John Seldon = St Clement Danes...

Francis Place's connections

13.7.1806 dine at Nicholson's w. Selby
(all these from Holdens directory 1811)
Wm S...

Godwin Diary

27.9.1809 call on Seeley / 18.11.1809 again
Leonard Benton Seeley bookseller 107 Fleet-st...

Godwin Diary

Sedgwick 29.4.1799 at G's head with Suet , Gattie, Chandler, Dering &c / 17.7.1830 Sedgwick...

Godwin Diary

Seckerson 7.7.1800 at Gould's
Seckerson was a reasonably common name in England but in...

Godwin Diary, Irish
Sebright, John

HCR diary 22.2.1829 at Athenaeum, Sir John Seebright "said to be a very worthy man but the most...

Crabb Robinson Diary

Sealy calls 03.04.1802
A fairly common name (spelt also Sealey, Seally) and just one call...

Godwin Diary

28.2.1809 Seabrook calls (not seen) / 2.3.1809 Seabrook calls / 22.3.1810 call on Seabrook / 26....

Godwin Diary

Scurry 3.10.1901 calls  (& Countess Mountcashell) / 8.11.1801 at theatre with Lady...

Godwin Diary

Scully 11.7.1800 at Moira's
Probably Denis Scully DNB 1773-1830 Catholic lawyer. Dublin...

Godwin Diary, Irish
Scrimshaw, Samuel

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset
Samuel Scrimshaw 13 Batemans Buildings...

Greater Soho
Scribe, Achille

25.3.1792 Dy(ck) & Scribe at Holcroft's and Scribe 8.2.1795 at Perry's.
Was in fact...

Godwin Diary