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  • Lea

    Lea 24.10.1797
    Joseph Godwin was agent to the carpet manufacturer brothers Francis and Thomas Lea of Kidderminster whose London warehouse was at 10 Bagnio Court (oldbaileyonline E18040912-86). Lea appeared in the diary on 24.10.1797, 27.10.1797, 29.10.1797, 30.10.1797, 4.4.1798, 25.1.1801, 9.8.1801, 18.2.1803 and 17.9.1803 often with Joseph Godwin, and was mentioned in Joseph Godwin's letter to Godwin of 16.7.1801 (Abinger c.7 f49). The GD website has been edited to take account of my information on the Leas but missed the entry on 30.10.1797 Lea's

  • Webb, Willis

    7.4.1788 &c. Willis John Webb was baptised at St James Piccadilly in 1770 son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth. His older brother Nathaniel was baptised in 1760 at St Marylebone. His parents married at St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol on 1758. His father was MP for Taunton 1768-75 and Ilchester 1775-80 and supported North, never spoke in the house, lived at Savile Row and in Montserrat, West Indies and died at Bath in 1786 (History of Parliament). Willis was admitted at St John's College Cambridge and at Lincolns Inn in 1788, got his BA in 1792 and was called to the bar in 1795 (Alum Cantab).

  • Bastard, John Pollexfen

    18.4.1788 Bastard
    John Pollexfen Bastard (DNB 1756-1816) MP for Devon whose motion concerning the promotion of naval officers was heard in the house of Commons on this day. Although reported in newspapers at the time, no mention of it is found in his entry in History of Parliament

  • Van Effin

    Van Effin 19.4.1788.
    See letter from Richard Price to Godwin (Abinger c.1 f73). On 26.11.1787 Price wrote a letter introducing the bearer Mr Van Effin, a Dutch minister and a neighbour and friend of Dr Price's (at Hackney) who wished to speak to Godwin on the late History of the United Provinces

  • Beaufoy, Henry

    20.4.1788 Beaufoy, Henry. Add Abinger c.1 f44-5 to bibliography

  • Close, John

    call on Close 4.5.1788 / 16.9.1788 again
    John Close was a broker at addresses near Tower Dock from 1761 to 1791. He was mentioned in some of Hannah Godwin's letters to Godwin (Abinger c.1 f32-3, f90-1) and was clearly known to their mother Ann Godwin. Godwin called on him again on 16.9.1788.

  • Fullarton, William

    GODWIN DIARY: Fullaston 8.5.1788
    At Gibbon's birthday party (where Godwin probably wasn't), this was perhaps William Fullarton (DNB 1754-1808) then MP for Haddington. The writing suggests an 'r' though the ink is hardly visible. (The s has now been corrected to an r on GD website)
    SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Col Fullarton of St James St proposed 24.6.1791 by Count Zenobio 2nded John Frost
    See DNB article William Fullarton 1754-1808

  • Meek

    Meek 12.5.1788 at Robinson's

  • Raikes, Thomas

    Raikes 27.6.1788 at Robinson's
    Identified probably wrongly in GD website as his brother Robert. Godwin met Raikes once at Robinson's on 27.6.1788 and 2 weeks later the 15 year old George Dyson and his 13 year old brother Abraham dined with Godwin. George Dyson referred to Thomas Raikes in a letter of 8.10.1810 (Nat Arch TS11/463) as "my highly respected old master" who had just lost his wife, as Thomas Raikes, Governor of the Bank of England, just had, which Dyson in South America had seen in a newspaper

  • Parkinson, James

    SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: James Parkinson of Hoxton square proposed member 26.10.1792 by Dr George Edwards 2nded John Moore
    James Parkinson DNB 1755-1824