Addington, Philip

Addington at tea 29.6.1797 / 30.6.1797 calls / 1.7.1797 to 5.7.1797 Godwin reads Vaughan's letters / 6.7.1797 Godwin writes to Vaughan / 7.7.1797 Godwin reads Vaughan's letters / 8.7.1797 Addington dines / 9.7.1797 calls / 16.7.1797 again /19.7.1797 Godwin writes to Vaughan / 23.7.1797 Addington at tea / 24.7.1797 Godwin reads Vaughan's letters and finishes them on 25.7.1797 / 27.7.1797 Addington at tea / 3.8.1797 again / 18.8.1797 Godwin writes to Vaughan. Vaughan's letters / 19.8.1797 Addington calls / 20.8 1797 Addington calls & dines / 23.8.1797 mrs Vaughan arrives. Vaughan calls / 24.6.1797 meet Vaughan / 25.8.1797 Vaughan, Addington call / 23.9.1797 write to Addn / 19.11.1797 Addington adv at Marshall's
Philip Addington was born 1771 the youngest child of Stephen Addington, Independent minister (DNB 1729 -1796) and Agnes (nee Reymes) whom he had married in 1752. Philip Addington was apprenticed in the Stationers Company in 1785.  His eldest brother Samuel Reymes Addington was born at Market Harborough, Leicestershire in 1754, married Sarah dau of Rev Richard Winter at Holborn in 1776, married 2ndly Hannah Watson at Kidderminster in 1783, his will PCC 1785 haberdasher of Milk Street, London. Another brother Stephen born 1757 was a silkweaver of Queen St, Cheapside who went bankrupt in 1783. Another brother John born 1762 was apprenticed 1774 to John Symonds apothecary of Kidderminster and became a surgeon in Spital Square London his will PCC 1839. Philip Addington was next heard of on 10.1.1797 as a bankrupt haberdasher of Hereford, then in the Times of 11.9.1797 John Vaughan of Ashperton Herefordshire placed an ad that his wife Priscilla had eloped from him without just cause and that no-one should credit her on his account. From Godwin's letter of 23.9.1797 it is clear that it was Addington who had eloped with Priscilla Vaughan (Abinger c55 f44-5 & c22 f53-4) and from Godwin's correspondence of 4.7.1797 and 7.7.1797 with his wife Mary Wollstonecraft (Godwin's Letters, ed Clemit 229-30, Letters of MW ed Todd 427-8) it appears that the Godwins spent some time reading Mrs Vaughan's letters, presumably written to Addington as they were to return them to him. (The GD website has coded these letters to a pamphlet by Benjamin Vaughan titled Letters etc. te 0764). Priscilla Pynock had married John Vaughan on 24.9.1791 at Ledbury, Herefordshire, and the will of Richard Pynock PCC 1803 left provision for Philip Addington Vaughan, his grandson in Jamaica, and made his son-in-law John Vaughan executor. His will did not mention his daughter Priscilla, or Philip Addington. Philip son of Philip Addington and Priscilla was baptised 3.11.1798 at Kingston, Jamaica. More on this extraordinary story under Vaughan, Priscilla. I don't have solid proof that the Philip Addington who eloped with Mrs Vaughan was the same as the son of Stephen Addington but the name is not common, the trade of haberdasher was also his older brother's and the family connections with Kidderminster and Market Harborough seem to make Ledbury less unlikely