Aders family

Johann Kaspar Aders 1719-1798 had linen and cotton factory at Elberfeld ("Vicarie" in Berliner Straße) his second wife was Anna Luise Phillipine Hofius, daughter of a pastor from Iserlohn. His sons were
1) Johann Jakob 1768-1825 (QV*) who married 20.5.1793 Anna Helena Brinck (died 1844) daughter of Johann Heinrich Brinck (1743-1817) banker by his wife Maria Elizabeth (nee Houberg)
                   their children 1)  Auguste born 1794 married 16.4.1819 Karl Friedrich Harkort (1788-1862) son of Johann Caspar Harkort and his wife Henrietta (nee Elbers). His younger brothers Friedrich 
                                                 Harkort (1793-1880) ironmaster, Gustavus Harkort born 1795
                                            2)  Ewald Aders (QV*)
                                            3)  Karl Alfred Aders (1809-1880) married 1835 Bertha Böddinghaus
2) Johann Abraham died 1813 married Maria Magdalena Eichholz who died 1854 at Messina, Sicily
3) Johann Peter died 1833
4) Peter Carl Theodor born 16.1.1780 attended Duisburg Gymnasium 1792 Jena University 1802-5 married Eliza daughter of John Raphael Smith 16.7.1820 Paris died 1846 (see my Background Article "3
    Wives, 3 Husbands Living") this was Robinson's friend known as Charles Aders
and a daughter who married Herr Sebel
There was also a Charles Aders of Elberfeld who died 21.11.1840 aged 29, and Charles Aders 1780-1846 had a nephew Mr Sanderson