Aickin, James

23.11.1788 dine at Holcroft's; see Jas Aickin / Aickins at Holcroft's on 3.12.1788 /J Aickin at Robinson's on 22.1.1789 / J Aickin adv at Holcroft's on 31.5.1789 / at J Aickin's on 10.6.1789 with Baddeley.  Aickins appeared in Godwin's 1796 list for 1787 (crossed out), and in the 1794 version as F Aickin, J Aickin.
James Aickin DNB 1737-1803 actor and F Aickin. Both presumably present on 3.12.1788. The first entry above 23.11.1788 is wrongly coded in GD website to J Aikin