Aickles, John Henry

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset. Aickles appears to have been a brilliant swindler and/or maybe had friends in high places. His downfall was his distinctive name
Jas Henry Aickles ratebooks 6 Batemans Bldgs 1778 / Morning Post 20.2.1778 ad for money broking apply L.T. 6 Batemans Buildings also 23.2.1778, 27.2.1778, 12.3.1778, 19.3.1778, 2.5.1778, 4.5.1778, 11.5.1778 these ads very similar to those for Mr Freeman at 7 Batemans Buildings in 1776 (see Freeman, John) and also to those at 15 Batemans Buildings 1779-1781 (see No 15 in Batemans Buildings entry in London Addresses dataset) / John Henry Aickles = St James Piccy 3.3.1775 Elizabeth X Clarke of St Martin i t Fields by lic / City of London Sessions 1.3.1780 John Henry Aickles prisoner for debt taken 16.12.1779 by William Ironmonger sheriff of Middlesex, Aickles set large mastiff on him and escaped / Reading Mercury 30.10.1780 list of swindlers "swiftness of Aickles" / Morning Herald 3.3.1781 ad by Mr Knox describing fraud played on him by Aickles, similar ad in Morning Chronicle 17.8.1781 disguise W.W. Smyrna Coffee house Pall Mall / John Henry Aickles = St Geo Han Sq 11.8.1781 Ann Hiscock botp by lic wit Jemima Hiscock / General Advertiser 1.3.1782 case at Guildhall before Lord Loughborough / Morning Post 25.10.1782 moneylending ad from Mr Shirley 21 Salisbury St Strand / Morning Herald 9.11.1782 ad cautioning that Aickles had advertised as Shirley / Ann Aickles of Brompton = St Martin i t Fields 22.11.1783 Nathaniel Walrond otp by lic / Morning Chronicle 5.1.1784 Aickles brought before Bow St magistrates for fraud "lived in stile in Portland Street, kept his phaeton" / Old Bailey 17.1.1784 trial of John Henry Aikles. He claimed he was a Hessian so half the jury were Hessians, he also cahllenged one of the jury, William Halfpenny who was replaced. He was found guilty / London Chronicle 24.6.1784 reported that Aickles, who had been convicted of felony but whose case was reserved for judges' opinions, had died in Newgate / Old Bailey 7.1.1784 Aickles, who had been convicted at former sessions, ordered to be transported to America for 7 years / Old Bailey sessions 15.1.1785 and 25.2.1785 Aickles a prisoner in Newgate (had received King's pardon on condition he go to America?) signed bond to pay £100 if he didn't leave for America in 14 days / General Advertiser 30.5.1785 Aickles committed to Newgate by Sir Sampson Wright for being found at large in England before term of transportation had expired / Old Bailey 29.6.1785 acquitted but remanded to next session / Old Bailey Sessions 3.2.1787 Aickles calling himself John Mason Esq had rented a house at 4 Argyle St from John Donaldson about a month ago / 22.7.1788 Aickles removed from Newgate for transportation / Criminal registers Esther Aickles brought to Newgate 14.8.1793 age 20 born Whitechapel for stealing money from Mr Seamans discharged by proclamation / SunFire 1800 Nathaniel Walrond surgeon & apothecary 24 Fleet Market / Nat Arch ADM 6/338/70 Hannah widow of Nathaniel Walrond surgeon RN who died 11.2.1801