Andreani, Paolo

Adriani 10.2.1793 at Paradise's.
Count Paolo Andreani (often spelt Adreani) of Milan born 27.5.1763 died 11.5.1823. On 2.4.90 Paradise wrote to George Washington introducing him (Shepperson) and he sailed from Falmouth 13.4.90 bringing an ode from Alfieri to Washington. Earlier he had been the first Italian to take a voyage in a balloon. In America he viewed Niagara Falls and travelled through Upper Canada with a passport from Lord Dorchester, he measured the height of Thunder Mountain (1400ft) and took observations to determine whether the earth was flattened at the poles (Memoirs of John Coakley Lettsom by Thomas J Pettigrew vol 1 p59/History of Philadelphia 1609-1884/Among the Hudson & Mohawk/A Narrative of the Manner... Arthur St Clair 1791/America & her Commentators by H T Tuckermann/Annals & Recollections of Oneida County by Pomroy Jones/Canadian DNB John Johnston 1762-1828). In 'The Idler in Italy' p139, p148, Countess Blessington describes him in Nice in March 1823 as a very agreeable acquaintance who suffered from gout and had lived much in England and mixed intimately with the Whig aristocracy