Attwell, William

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SWEDENBORGIANS:  All bapt 21.6.1789 New Jerusalem / William Attwell born 10.5.1760 of William & Ann / Elizabeth Attwell born 20.2.1761 of Joseph & Elizabeth Child / William Attwell born 1.3.1782 of William & Elizabeth Attwell

William Attwell marr 16.4.1781 St James Piccadilly Elizabeth Child. See entry for William Child / Mrs Anne Atwell bur 21.11.1811 age 84 Bunhill Fields her will PCC 1811 widow of Knightsbridge (Michael Atwell = Shoreditch 27.5.1766 Ann Wane)

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William Attwell 1767 staymaker Birmingham / SunFire 1780 victualler High St, St Giles / 1789 sold wife at Yarlington Fair near Bath / SunFire 1831 John Luxford 6 George St Camberwell & William Attwell / SunFire 1838 same address just Wm A / PCC 1821 Wm A West St Hackney cowkeeper & milkman wife Mary dated 1.7.1819 / Wm A bur 31.8.1835 age 77 workhouse Hackney St John / other burials St Geo H Sq, St Geo i t East, St James Mangotsfield

Matias Attwell (not verified)

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Hi Ed. I'm a descendant of William Attwell born 10.5.1760 of William & Ann. He was a basket maker and moved to Edinburgh before 1792 with his wife Elizabeth Child and William, their only child. Their business is listed in the Edinburgh Directory for 1790-1792 at Libberton's Wynd at the Cowgate. William sr became the leader of the New Chuch in Edinburgh in 1807, the same year he died. Elizabeth carried on with the business, almost up until her death in 1830. William jr. married Jean Young in Edinburgh in 1805 and moved to Glasgow. He ran his own basket making business there and became the leader of the New Church in that city. He went bankrupt in 1820 and boarded the Norval to Buenos Aires in February 1825 with his wife and their five children. The William Child mentioned in the William Child entry in your site who was born 30.10.1751 bapt 10.11.1751 St James Piccy of Joseph & Elizabeth was very likely Elizabeth Child's eldest brother. The fact that he "was likely the Wm C pork butcher 6 Tyler St SunFire 1791" is new to me, and would appreciate any other information related to him or these other people you may have, or sources you can point me out to.


I've got all the sources, including wills and documents from many places, including Swedenborg House in London. Thanks very much.

thanks for the information, i don't think i can supply any more at present, if you've been to Swedenborg House that's more than I've done. good luck, Edward