Balmanno, John

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SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Balmanno jr of Spital Sq proposed member 11.5.1792 by Michael Pearson, 2nded by Wm Sharpe. Michael Pearson was his father's partner. In 1793 Balmanno proposed Stewart Kyd.
GODWIN DIARY:16.12.1792 Belmano at Holcroft's and 17.2.1793 there, 14.10.1793 at Thelwal's, 9.2.1794 at Tooke's and 1.11.1794 at Hardy's trial.
John Balmanno of Exeter College  Oxford only son of John B of Spital Sq surgeon, admitted Inner Temple 12.11.1790, matriculated Dec 1794 age 25 (Alum Ox). Baptised 27.9.1769 Whitechapel, Middlesex of John & Jane. Sonnet to Memory publ in Literary Mag & British Review June 1791 p466. An Imitation from the Greek, European Mag Dec 1796 p429. 1797 edited 2nd edition of Sir William Jones' Essay on Law of Bailments. Dec 1800 Gents Mag died 'lately at Vienna, only son of eminent surgeon of London, recently pleaded at bar of House of Lords on behalf of a frail female of fashion. He had studied the law of nations and prepared for the press a Journal of a Tour of the Hebrides'. The frail female was Lady Elizabeth Rickets, late Lady Elizabeth Lambert. Capt Rickets of the Navy won £1000 damages for crim con from Capt Hargrave of Lancashire Fencibles. His father's will PCC 1807 apothecary of Bishopsgate St wife Jane, her will PCC 1813 widow of 6 Hanover Court, Houndsditch, St Botolph Aldgate, named John Pearson of Rutland Place coal merchant (his will PCC 1820, son of Michael Pearson)