Banks, Thomas

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GODWIN DIARY 10.1.1796 adv mrs & miss Banks at Holcroft's / 7.5.1797 adv mes Banks at Hts
Elizabeth Hooton 1748-1834 married 1766 Thomas Banks DNB 1735-1805 sculptor. Their daughter Lavinia born in Rome 1774 married 3.8.1799 at St Geo Han Sq, the Rev Edward Forster
Thomas Banks of Newman St (DNB 1735-1805 sculptor) was proposed SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION 28.9.1792 by William Sharpe 2nded John Horne Tooke. See his person record in Godwin Diary website and my Background Article Godwin, the Reveleys and the Jenningses
See Newman Street 1 to 9 in LONDON ADDRESSES dataset.
Thomas Banks 5 Newman St Land Tax 1783-99. Boyle's Court Guide 1792, 1799. Old Bailey 3.12.1800 Banks' house broken into 15.8.1800 witness Elizabeth Bryan lived with Mr Banks at the time, not clear if she was servant, lodger, housekeeper or mistress. Another witness Benjamin Franks lived in Newman St.
HENRY CRABB ROBINSON DIARY 1.7.1842 at Samuel Rogers' (DNB 1763-1855) breakfast table, Mrs Forster daughter of Banks the sculptor (see above), and her daughter Mrs Poinder