Barker, Mary

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miss Barker 24.12.1798 at C(harlotte) Smith's / 12.2.1800 again / 1.3.1800 again / 30.4.1800 call on Barker with Sarah Elwes / 26.12.1801 miss Barker adv at C Smith's / 16.1.1802 again
Robert Southey, New Letters p262 2.12.1801 his friend Mary Barker planned to spend the winter at Charloote Smith's. Daughter of Thomas Barker of Penkridge, Staffs who married Mary Homfray otp at Wishaw 25.11.1773. (He may have been the Thomas Barker of Springfield House Birmingham whose will PCC 1815 mentioned his wife Mary and children Mary Jane, Helen, Charles, Henry George & Edgar). She died 1851 (Southey's New Letters). See also Letters of Sara Hutchinson ed K Coburn p 399 & Minnow Among Trirons ed Stephen Potter p76. Miss Barker of Congreve Staffs subscr to Mrs Darwall's Poems 1794. The call of 30.4.1800 with Sarah Elwes was possibly her but perhaps more likely a male connection of mrs Elwes'.