Barker, Sarah

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In Ann Godwin's letter of 1796 (Abinger c.14 f112) she said of her son Joseph "his aunt Barker is a kept miss to Mr H Hall" and she said much the same in 1805 (Abinger c.9 f26). The context of both letters suggest that aunt Barker was not living in London. Thomas Barker married Sarah Jex at Kettlestone, Norfolk on 29.7.1777. Sarah, daughter of Robert & Mary Jex was baptised at St John Sepulchre Norwich on 1.6.1760, so she was probably 4 years younger than her niece Mary (see Godwin, Mary). In 1805 Thomas Barker brought a suit in Chancery against Mark Butcher and others (Nat Arch C13/75/3) which mentioned that he had formerly kept the inn at Scole (half way between Ipswich and Norwich). Joseph Godwin of Bagnio Court renewed this suit in 1808, (Nat Arch C13/90/27) saying that Thomas Barker had died in July 1807 leaving a will giving his property to Joseph Godwin. A Thomas Barker aged 56 years from St Bartholomew's Hospital was buried on 3.7.1807 at St John Clerkenwell. In Godwin's diary 4.11.1795, 26.11.1795, 26.12.1799, 30.4.1800, and 22.12.1805 could have been Thomas Barker or his wife Sarah. 8.6.1811 was probably Sarah, presuming from Joseph Godwin's claim that Barker left no children.