Barney, Joseph

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JOSEPH BARNEY 1753-1829?
CURRENT TEXT "(1753-1829?)"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <(c.1753-1832)>
CURRENT TEXT "Barney had married well before 1803 (a painting entitled Mrs Barney was shown at the Royal Academy that year) and his son"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <Barney had married Jane Whiston Chambers (bap.1760-1839) at St Peter's, Wolverhampton on 3 August 1779 and his will named three sons and three daughters. His son>
CURRENT TEXT "He probably died in 1829, the last year he exhibited."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <He last exhibited in 1829, and died at Stanhope Terrace, Regents Park, London on 13 April 1832 and was buried at St Pancras on 18 April.>
NOTES Sheffield Independent 28.4.1832 gave his age as 77 and his burial record gave it as 80. His will (Nat Arch PROB 11/1801/8). Jane Whiston Chambers baptised 10.4.1760 Dudley, Worcs, dau of Christopher & Mary. Jane Whiston Barney buried St Pancras 28.9.1839

Jan 2015 DNB has adopted my suggestions with slight alterations and credited my website in the references