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Barthelemis 14.1.1802 at Fenwick's (& Plumptres, Fells)

Surely Francois Hippolyte Barthelemon DNB 1741-1808. He lived at Vauxhall not far from the Fenwicks. In the context of other plural names the misspelling still suggests some of his family were present. His first wife died in 1799 and his daughter Cecilia DNB 1767-1859 had married Edward Prentis Henslow in 1797, though she may have still been known by her stage name to Godwin. Barthelemon married secondly on 4.4.1802 Sarah Ray of Kingsland, Hackney. By this time he was a Swedenborgian and his two children by her were baptised in their chapel. A "Sarah Ray of Jane &" was baptised there on 8.3.1802. Francis Barthelemon was baptised 19.7.1790 at New Jerusalem Church where adult baptism was usual, and an H S Barthelemon, probably him as well, was one of the 18 who signed the 1789 conference along with the 77 printed names. He was also listed in William White's book on Swedenborg vol 2 p 599-600 as one of the attenders of the Theosophical Society that met from 1783. Incidentally Barthelemon had also practised as an engraver in Soho where he took an apprentice John Galet on 31.10.1772

Amendments to Oxford DNB

CURRENT TEXT "married Sarah (whose background is unknown)"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <married Sarah Ray of Kingsland, Hackney on 4 April 1802 at St Mary's, Lambeth>
CURRENT TEXT "George and Angelica Augusta."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <George(b.1805) and Angelica Augusta(b.1808), both baptised in the Swedenborgian chapel in Friar Street, Blackfriars, in which congregation he had himself been baptised as an adult on 19 September 1790, and where he probably met Sarah Ray.>
NOTES Sarah Ray of Jane & ___ baptised 8.3.1802 at Swedenborgian chapel, Friar St. They also had a son Frederick born 12.12.1806, bapt at Friar Street 11.1.1807 who died 26.1.1807. When Barthelemon was baptised the congregation was not yet at Friar Street but it's in the same register book

January 2015 the DNB has adopted my suggestions in an abbreviated form and credited my website in the references

Perhaps I should also have added the witnesses of Barthelemon's first marriage (see Young family DNB per c.1700-1799) were Cecilia Arne (his bride's aunt) and Ridley Dorman (his bride's brother-in law)