Bedder, Thomas

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Bedder 2.2.1795 at Thelwal's / 8.4.1796 at Thomas Fawcett's / Godwin calls on 2.2.1813.

Mr Thomas Bedder of 6, St Thomas Apostle and Thomas Bedder jr both contributed to the London Corresp Socy Nov 1794 collection for state prisoners' families. Thomas Bedder of St Martin Ongar married Ursula Stanley of St Mary Aldermary at St Clement Eastcheap 4.1.1763, took an apprentice as member of Butchers Company in 1773 and was buried 4.7.1802 at St Mary Aldermary age 64. Thomas Bedder of Long Acre was buried at St Martins in the Fields 14.11.1831 age 66


Work notes
PCC 1820 Sarah Bedder, widow of Basing Lane (seen widow of Joseph B bricklayer PCC 1782))
Shoreditch St Leonard 19.8.1798 Thomas Bedder bach married Mary Fletcher widow (both signed with x)
Bermondsey St Mary Magdalen 1.10.1810 Thomas Bedder bach married Susannah Robinson widow