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23.9.1795 Bellamys at John King's / Bellamy at Thomas Cooper's 15.11.1810

Juliana Frances Bellamy spinster of Edmonton began a Chancery suit (Nat Arch C 13/14/3) 10.3.1802 against John King of Portland Place and the Marquis of Donegal, referring to a marriage bond to the tune of £40,000 made between her and the Marquis, then Lord Belfast, which was entrusted to King. In King's reply he said that Miss Bellamy had boarded in his house in October 1793 and some years previously and was appreciated for her singing and piano playing. The contract she made with the Marquis was invalid because they were both under 21, and King had anyway given it to Lord Belfast at his request. Miss Bellamy said that she had no idea Lord Belfast's feelings for her had changed until she read in the papers of his marriage to Miss May in August 1795, but King denied this and said that Belfast had discovered her in a compromising position with Lord Falkland and that Miss Bellamy was well aware that his feelings had changed after that. Bellamy said she had been 20 years and upwards in November 1793 so she was almost certainly the Juliana Frances dau of Richard & Elizabeth Bellamy born 7.6.1774 bapt 7.7.1774 St John Westminster, her father was Richard Bellamy DNB 1743?-1813, singer and her brother was Thomas Ludford Bellamy DNB 1771-1843, who was very likely the Bellamy at Cooper's in 1810.

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Boyle's 1794 John B Esq Old Palace yard / John Bellamy of London was secretary of Swedenborgian conference 1792-3, not found in baptism lists / more material to add on John Bellamy father of the Whig Club and John Bellamy doorkeeper of the House of Commons