Bond (on sir R Corbet)

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14.9.1810 Bond (on sir R Corbett) calls
Sir Richard Corbett will PCC 1815 claimed to be the heir to Sir Richard Corbett 4th baronet will PCC 1774 but the books of baronetcy say the 4th baronet died unmarried and the baronetcy became extinct with him. The claimant was a son of Charles Corbett, a bookseller who went bankrupt and was therefore excluded from the estate in the 4th baronet's 7th codicil.. Public Ledger 14.3.1810 reported the claimant's Chancery case against Archdeacon Corbett formerly Joseph Plymley, and the case by archdeacon Corbett that the claimant should not be entitled to bring his case as a pauper, as he had solicited subscriptions to pay for it. He had been working as a labourer for the East India Company. Sun 3.10.1810 reported a case at Guildhall where a Mr Bond, claiming to be a clergyman, had been appointed agent for Sir Richard Corbett's subscriptions, and had called on Mr Osborn in Basinghall-st, whose clerk Mr Lowe had assaulted him calling him an impostor. This would have been a fortnight after Bond's call on Godwin. Bury & Norwich Post 22.7.1812 reported further on the case. The will PCC 1815 of Sir Richard Corbett cut his wife Elizabeth off with a shilling and left what he possessed to Elizabeth Harris otherwise Corbett "now living with me" and her two children, presumably his.