Brunton, Richard

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1.7.1796 Mail with Merry & RB / 2.7.1796 dine at Bracon with Merry's, Louisa Brunton & Richard enfant / 23.7.1796 call on mrs Merry adv Richard & Sophia

The DNB article on John Brunton 1741-1822 gives the dates of his youngest son Richard as 1789-1859, but his death was reported in newspapers as occurring on 28.7.1846, one report said in his 58th year and the more detailed one said in his 56th year. His sister Sophia was born 19.6.1789 and baptised 9.8.1789 at St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, so his more likely year of birth was 1791, which would make him about 5 years old when Godwin met him. He became an ensign in November 1808

Amendments to Oxford DNB

JOHN BRUNTON 1741-1822
CURRENT TEXT "youngest of the family, Richard (1789-1859)"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <youngest of the family, Richard (c.1790-1846)>
NOTES His death report in Ipswich Journal 15.8.1846 said 59th year, that in Exeter Flying Post 20.8.1846 said 56th year.

Jan 2015 DNB have adopted my suggestion as to Richard's date of death but have given his birth as 1787x9 which is I think wrong. They have credited my website in the sources