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7.3.1796 Hayward & Calder call / 20.4.1796 meet Montagu, Butler & Calder

Perhaps the Rev John Calder born 1733 Aberdeen, afternoon preacher 1780-4 at Poor Jewry Lane Crutched Friars, Rev John Calder DD of Furnivals Inn widower married 24.1.1789 St Bride's Fleet St, Martha Huddlestone Green spinster of Croydon, elected assessor of Aberdeen University 15.3.1809, died 10.6.1815 at Lisson Grove Paddington, will PCC 1815. His newspaper obituary said he was "well known among the learned as a man of genius" Caledonian Mercury 29.6.1815. Perhaps the John Calder clerk who purchased the chaplaincy of 42nd regt of foot 26.11.1796