Callcutt, Richard

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see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset

Richard Calcut 31 Poland St ratebooks 1792-4 / coroners jury 1793 Richard Callcutt cook Poland St / Richard Calcott labourer age 20 born Tothill Fields 5ft4 fair complexion brown hair hazel eyes stealing a watch Mr Morris, Old Bailey 26.4.1797 accused of stealing a watch from William Morris between Poland St and the Pantheon. Calcott sworn: The prisoner is my son. He has been a waiter till about eight months ago; he has been with me ever since; he has been unfortunate and could not meet with any place; I had nothing for him to do myself. Acquitted but later that year Richard Calcott of same description (except 5ft5) was transported for 7 years for stealing a clerk's pocket book / Richard Colcutt corn chandler of 27 Tothill St, St Margaret Westminster voted Burdett 1818, Hobhouse 1819, Burdett & Hobhouse 1820 / will PCC 18.7.1827 Richard Colcutt of Tothill St corn & coal merchant dated 7.12.1826 mentioned beloved nieces Ann & Charlotte Tuff (see Tuff, William) execs Jeremiah Davis of All Saints Poplar & William Millard of St Marylebone / Richard Colcutt bur St James 1.7.1827 of Tothill St age 72 / Richard Calcutt = St James 2.6.1792 Phebe Simpson botp banns wit Mary Hughes / Richard Calcutt adult bur St James 3.1.1800 / Richard Ralph Calcott born 13.6.1777 bapt 15.7.1777 St Margaret Westminster son of William & Frances