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Callender calls 17.2.1803 / 25.2.1803 Callendar calls / 18.4.1803 again /26.1.1833 Gen Callender at Aldis's

Spelling of this name varied to Callander, Callendar &c. Some possibles: Adam Callender landscape painter Titchfield St 1790, New Cavendish St 1800 will PCC 1816 / Henry Callender merchant Cornhill 1784 will PCC 1808 / Alexander Callender 5 Somers Pl, Somers Town 1811 will PCC Kensington 1827. Unlikely to have been Caroline Sheridan DNB 1779-1851 nee Callander one of the great beauties of her day who married the playwright Sheridan's son Tom 21.6.1805. Plenty of other possibles in PCC wills. General Callender in 1833 was probably Campbell Callander will PCC 1845 general in British Army of 41 Bryanstone St, Portman Sq. He became Lt Gen in 1821, his wife Eliza died 21.12.1831 in her 53rd year, full general 1838, died 27.8.1845 age 88