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15.10.1795 at Thelwall's

Henry Capel cheesemonger of St Martins Lane voted Fox 1780 & 1790, treasurer of St Martins parish committee against seditious publications 1792, on jury in treason trial of Baxter & Richter 1794 where prosecution offered no evidence, died 12.7.1802 at Feltham Hill aged 68. His brother or nephew Thomas was a a steward at Horne Tooke's election meeting 1796, but Thomas Capel attorney of 17 Crown St Westminster voted for Gardner in 1796, perhaps a turncoat or father and son. Henry Capel's nephew James was a broker of Worship St, Shoreditch, in 1778, and of the Pepper Office when his uncle made his will in 1802. James' son James Durnford Capel 1773-1844 was a cashier of the Bank of England from 1793 until his death, and was acquitted of an assault on his ex-mistress Mary Parker in 1815. His brother Henry Hurst Capel of the Office of Ordnance, Tower died 20.2.1802 aged 27. None of the family look like they would obviously be friends of Thelwall