Carey, William Paulet

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CURRENT TEXT "became an engraver."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <In London in 1784 he worked for *John Raphael Smith*, producing two stipple engravings after *Thomas Rowlandson*.>
CURRENT TEXT "after getting into trouble with this society in 1793, Carey fled to Philadelphia,"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <In 1794 in order to avoid prosecution himself for publishing 'Address to the volunteers' by *William Drennan* he became a witness for the prosecution in Drennan's trial for sedition, and subsequently fled to Philadelphia,>
CURRENT TEXT "had at least one daughter, Elizabeth Sheridan Carey."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <had at least four children: his eldest daughter Maria Sheridan Carey who died at Portsea in 1807, a son William Sheridan Carey who died at Kensington in 1821 aged 26, a daughter Elizabeth Sheridan Carey (see below), and a son James Macauley Carey 1809-1854 who was born at Sheffield, married Caroline Baker on 13 March 1832 at St Martins Birmingham and was living at Monmouth Street, Birmingham as a picture dealer in the 1841 census. Elizabeth Sheridan Carey (1805-1882), poet, was born at York 18 October 1805 and ran a school at 10 Regent Quadrant, London with Charlotte Eale Bartlett in the 1830s. In 1844 her poem A Warning Cry against poverty and oppression was printed in several newspapers in the north of England and in America; in 1848 she published a letter to the provisional government of France on the rights of women, and in 1849 she was toasted at a Burns night at Sheffield. From 1849 she was selling pictures inherited from her father to Charles Winn 1795-1874 of Nostell Priory, including a Rembrandt (since attributed to Ferdinand Bol) for 350 guineas. From 1857 to 1863 she presented poems to English and French royalty on royal weddings and funerals one of which was received by Queen Victoria 'with especial favour'. She lived her later years in Versailles, dying unmarried there on 27 April 1882.>
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