Clarke, Charles Cowden

16.2.1817 dine at L Hunt's, w. Shelleys, Hazlits & B Montagu; adv. Colson, Gatty & Clarke / 15.11.1823 sup at Lamb's, w. Novellos, C Clarke / 1.6.1824 sup at Lamb's, w. Novellos, Holmes, Clark / 26.10.1828  call on L Hunt; adv. miss Kent, Novello & Clarkes
These entries are likely to have been Charles Cowden Clarke (DNB 1787-1877) particularly the last three, where Novellos were present, and after Clarkes's marriage to Mary Novello on 5.7.1828 Novellos & Clarke became Novello & Clarkes. Note the spelling Clark in 1824 demonstrating  that Godwin's spelling with or without an e can't be used as an identifier. The 1817 entry is very likely him as well but is bracketed a month either side by Clarkes, which is confusing, but I think those Clarkes belong to the family of Miss Clarke, see my entry Clarke, Miss.

3.5.1828 J F Cooper & Clarke call / 21.10.1830 sup at W(illiam)'s, w. M(ary) J(ane): adv. Clarke
These two possibly also Charles Cowden Clarke
20.6.1831 tea Crump's w. Clarke & others / 24.6.1831 tea Crump's w. Clarke & others / 27.3.1834 dine at Hardwick's w. Clarke (Court Journal) & others
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