Cornfoot, James

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Nat Arch HO 42/30/100 f255  letter from James Hartley to Dundas with list of visitors to Newgate prison state side who were notorious Jacobins (Thale page 161note says it was list of people keeping LCS papers). James Cornfoot, coal merchant, Tottenham Court Road

There seem to have been several people called James Cornfoot in London at the time. One was a baker in Marylebone, and one a coal dealer, with also a son called James, in St Pancras.

the coal dealer James Cornfoot
James Cornfoot otp bach = St Pancras 1.4.1771 SusannahXDavis otp sp banns wits William Clark, John Hopper
children of James Cornfoot and his wife Susannah, dau of Thomas Davis, registered Dr Williams Library 2.10.1800: James born 8.1.1772, William born 26.3.1774, John born 15.11.1776, Elizabeth born 15.8.1778 all at Pitt Street
James Cornfoot Land Tax 1782 Pitt Street, St Pancras
7.10.1783 Susannah Cornfoot age 34 from St Pancras bur Whitefield's Chapel, from St Pancras
James Cornfoot otp wid = St Pancras 22.12.1783 JudithXApplebe otp sp banns wits R Ansell, Eliz Ansell
2.8.1786 James son of James Cornfoot coal dealer of St Pancras appr to Susannah widow of Nicholas Groome, Painter Stainers Company
James Cornfoot of St Pancras wid = St Gregory by St Paul 16.11.1801 Elizabeth Green otp wid banns sigs wit James Cornfoot

probably the same family
James Cornfoot from Haughton St bur St Clement Danes 21.3.1813 age 72
Elizabeth Cornfoot from Workhouse bur St Clement Danes 31.1.1815 age 42

could be any James Cornfoot
James Cornfoot London subscribed to John Jamieson's Sermons on the Heart 1790
James Cornfoot Well Street Oxford Road subscribed to Thomas Rutledge's Practical Sermons
James Cornfoot admitted 13.1.1800 to Kings Bench Prison at suit of John Rodbard for £50 and of Joseph Milward for £12.10s. "A detainer since 1.3.1801. Discharged"

the baker James Cornfoot
James Cornfoot wid otp baker = St Luke Old Street 13.10.1775 by lic Alice Cole otp a minor dau od James Cole deceased with consent of her guardians George Cole, Benjamin Foulston, & Bartholomew Arlett
Land Tax 1781-1794 James Cornfoot  Margaret St, Cavendish Sq
James Cornfoot wid of St Marylebone baker = Lambeth 29.6.1784 Ann Dale (or Deal) otp sp wits Wm Hutton, james Hedgley
World 20.4.1790 ad for Mr Cornfoot baker 81 Margaret St Cavendish Sq
James Cornfoot wid of St Marlebone = by lic  29.7.1790 Catherine Nisbett of West Ham Essex sp age 36
SunFire 1790 James Cornfoot baker 81 Margaret St, Cavendish Sq
Worls 2.8.1791 ad for James Cornfoot baker 81 Margaret St Cavendish Sq
Oracle 7.10.1794 ad for Mrs Cornfoot's confectioner Grafton St Fitzroy Sq
Land Tax 1795-1797 James Cornfoot Grafton St, St Pancras
Will PCC 20.4.1798 James Murray (qv Godwin Diary dataset) barber of Islington £50 to James Cornfoot confectioner of Hertford St Fitzroy Sq
Land Tax 1801-1803 James Cornfoot Queen St Islington