Dalrymple, Colonel William

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SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:  Col. Dalrymple proposed 29.6.1792 by Lord Sempill 2nded John Horne Tooke

Meeting of London Corresponding Society (Thale) 13.12 1792 "Col Dalrymple of Edinburgh determined to have a parliamentary reform", Lt Col William Dalrymple of Fordell 1st president of Scottish Friends of the People. Born 3.3.1747 bapt 6.3.1747 Cranston, Midlothian 2nd son of Sir William Dalrymple, baronet, and his wife Agnes Crawford. William Dalrymple late of Cranston, Edinburgh but now otp bach = St James Piccadilly 7.11.1770 Diana Molyneux sp dau of Robert Molyneux of Preston, Lancs, their son Marton bapt Preston 24.1.1774. Col Dalrymple died 3.3.1794 his will PCC Lt Col William Dalrymple of Fordell dated 11.9.1787 made trustees of Henry Dundas (DNB 1742-1811) and Robert Dundas (DNB 1758-1819) two of the greatest enemies of the reformers, and mentioned his wife Diana and eldest son Marten