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SWEDENBORGIANS:  Baptisms at New Jerusalem Chapel: Mary Darby born 16.3.1767 of Israel & Mary bapt 23.10.1791 same day as her future husband William Butter (QV*) / Elizabeth Darby of Thomas & Mary of Norwich bapt 17.7.1796 / Margaret Darby born Dec 1777 of Israel & Mary bapt 28.5.1797
Mary Darby bapt 5.4.1767 St Botolph w/out Aldgate of Israel & Mary / Mary Darby = St Geo Bloomsbury 16.2.1794 William Butter / Mary Butter buried Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, Spa Fields 12.12.1838 age 71 of St James Clerkenwell / Margaret Darby = Soho 19.2.1804 John Grayson (Margaret Grayson from Holborn buried 1830 Spa Fields age 51, John Grayson will PCC1849 Swedenborgian) / Israel s of Israel & Mary Darby bapt 29.5.1768 St Botolph w/out Aldgate / Israel s of Israel & Mary Darby bapt 22.1.1775 St Gregory Norwich / Israel Darby wid = St Martin at Oak Norwich 28.7.1794 Sarah Warner wid / Israel Darby bur 1.10.1813 St Martin at Oak
Elizabeth dau of Thomas & Mary Darby bapt 23.4.1775 Melton Magna, Norfolk / Thomas Darby worsted weaver St Geo Tombland Norwich voted 1780 Harbord & Windham 1786 & 1787 Beevor / Thomas Darby worsted weaver of St Peter Parmintergate Norwich voted 1794 Windham 1796 Hobart & Windham 1799 Frere / Thomas Darby whitesmith of St Clements Norwich voted 1786 & 1787 Hobart 1790 Hobart 1796 Hobart & Windham 1799 Frere
There was also Sarah Darby who married Henry Peckitt (QV*) (62 yr old widower and Swedenborgian) at Soho 11.9.1796 and William Butter was a witness at the wedding. Ancestry user-submitted tree has her as another child of Israel & Mary Darby bapt at St Botolph Aldgate 1769. She died as Sarah wife of Charles Jenkins on 4.8.1816 at Brightlingsea, Essex aged 47 (Intellectual Repository 1816/7 p254). I couldn't find direct evidence of her infant or adult baptism but it seems very plausible that she was a sister of Mary and Margaret Darby 

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Sarah Darby can be found as Sarah Dauby daughter of Israel and Mary Dauby in the christening record of St Botolph, Aldgate for 8th December 1769.