Davenport at Timothy Hollis' 13.1.1789 / 9.10.1803 Davenport at Lofft's, Troston Hall / 12.11.1815 Davenport &c. (GD website has te 2361 unable to identify)
Selina Davenport 1779-1859 in her husband Richard Alfred Davenport DNB 1776/7-1852. They separated about 1809 and she ran a school and wrote novels, one of the first three of which Godwin could have been reading in 1815. Presumably the first entry above was not him as he was only twelve. The DNB says nothing is known of his parentage but since he appeared in the 1851 census with a place of birth Lambeth, he was likely the son of James Davenport and Catherine baptised there 23.2.1777. A James Davenport married Catherine Griffis at St Saviour Southwark May 1776. He could have been the visitor at Lofft's.

Work notes: 
Richard Davenport "Observations on the Objections" (to Mr Prevost's) 1815 Ann Phil v338 (Watt's Bibliotheca Britannica).