Davis, William

23.1.1795 Davies / 30.1.1795 adv Thelwal & Davis (Erskine's) / 13.2.1795 /  4.3.1795 /  26.4.1795 /  20.8.1795 /  9.11.1795 /  26.11.1795 / 12.2.1796 / 2.5.1797 / 19.12.1798 / 16.1.1799 / 17.11.1799 / 2 Davis's 5.1.1800 / Davis's 26.1.1800 / 9.2.1800 / 25.5.1800 / 27.12.1801 /  21.3.1802 all at King's, also 5.3.1795 Davis's, Hazlits & King at Thelwal's (compare to 30.1.1795), and 6.8.1796 & 19.8.1796 meet W Davis. Also 15.2.1800 adv Davis jr at opera was perhaps his son William. In 1796 list inserted above with others Godwin met at King's early 1795.
William 'Black' Davis, (see C Pigott Jockey Club p77-83; Anon. Minor Jockey Club p35-41; J Dickinson's Minutes 1793; A Pasquin's Pin Basket 1796; Morning Chronicle 29.6.1832 which distinguished him from Charles 'American' Davis, another gambler but much fatter; and for links with King see Trial of James Gillham 1795; Evening Mail 25.1.1798 where Butler and Davis went bail for King; 27.11.1801 John King, Augustus Butler Danvers & William Davis partners in Portland Bank, also known as Union Bank, or London and Dublin Union Bank). Only Godwin's first entry was spelt Davies, so may or may not have been the same person; the first Davis at King's was followed by (Erskine's); Thomas Erskine frequently represented King in court. In Gillham's trial King, being asked which Davis it was introduced him to Lord Falkland, said 'the Prince of Wales' Davis', and then, being asked if that was Black Davis, said his complexion was dark. The will of Thomas Bullock owner of racehorses Rockingham and Hazard, according to Pigott a crony of Davis in the Jockey Club, though one source says they had fallen out, was witnessed on 2.1.1802 by William Davis and William Davis jr. Davis and Bullock were once robbed together on Hounslow Heath (London Chronicle 11.2.1792)


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secret proprietor of Greek Hotel, St James. bonfire of EO & faro tables. James Bolland hanged 18.3.1772 Ann Bolland widow PCC 1773. surgeon in Off Alley selling Daffy's elixir. Mrs Adams, brothelkeeper? lived either Villiers St or Buckingham St. "Louse" Pigott St George's Fields. Royal Circus with Charles Hughes equestrian, John Palmer DNB 1744-98, Dibdin of Sans Souci performed there when in Bridewell. Davis showed filial piety to his mother. Grant, a noted Scotch usurer, & an Italian architect, house in Piccadilly which burnt down (might that have referred to Opera House in Haymarket burnt down 1789? see Richard Bray O'Reilly An Authentic Narrative 1791). Duke of York, Lady Lade, Smith. Altercation with old confederate Bullock owner of brewery, gaming house & bawdy house, usurer, jockey & Greek. Mother Johnson, Mrs G---l. Danvers Butler outracing Sir John Lade (Trial of Gillham) Morning Chronicle 16.11.1801 John King swore he was worth £92,000. Davis said he had estate in Leicestershire producing £2500 per annum with mortgage of £15,000 on it. He paid late Mr Bowes £3000 for it but present Mr Bowes filed suit in equity to set aside conveyance, denying right of his father to sell it. Davis said he also had mortgage of £3000 on an estate near Cork, late the Earl of Barrymore's. London Evening Post 3.7.1777 Sir John St Aubyn vs John Motteux, Thomas Storie, Joseph Nutt, Daniel Giles, William Davis surgeon & George Grant, procurers of cash / Daily Advertiser 13.11.1775 "a note of hand for £30 to William Davis and a bill drawn by Vasson & Co on Thomas Bullock, Park St" / Morning Herald 2.5.1785 writ of error brought by John Lade, George Grant & William Davis Esqrs by Richard Harbourn their attorney, against George Jones late riding master of Royal Circus / Whitehall Evening Post 27.5.1786 Charles Hughes awarded damages from Lade, Grant & Davis / English Chronicle 7.10.1786 Kingston quarter sessions Lade Grant Davis plus Bullock and West George Grant 1800, 9 Clarges St Piccadilly & Ingoldsthorpe Hall, Norfolk, Morning Chronicle 26.10.1820 Grant's daughter married a Thelluson, Caledonian Mercury 21.1.1832 died at Paris in 77th year Geo Grant of Ingoldsthorpe Hall formerly of Clury, Strathspey Thomas Bullock Lancaster Gazetteer 27.2.1802 died in 50th year well known on the turf, & see Tom Johnson DNB c1750-97 prizefighter Richard Harborne PCC 1825, 1840 Sir John Lade 1833 William Davis 118 Jermyn St baker & draper Sun F 1791