HCR diary 19.6.1828 at Jameson's at Hackney "the daughters of Mrs Davy and the late Mrs Darvil interested me on account of their mothers"
                    20.1.1829 Feb or Mar 1800 Robinson got message from Mrs Davy "thro her brother Mr Saville that my visits in her house were not agreeable to Mr Davy" (Mr Davy now partner with McMurdo, Gould Sq)
                       3.2.1829 Mr Davy - husband of his eldest daughter Mr Wansey
Thomas Davy of St Botolph Aldersgate bach = Holy Trinity Minories 25.6.1792 by lic Sarah Savill otp sp wits Mary Kingsbury, Mary Davy. Emma dau of Thomas Davy and Sarah dau of William Savill born 22.8.1794 St Sepulchre registered Dr Williams Library. John Wansey of Camberwell bach = Streatham 24.6.1816 by lic Emma Davy sp otp wits S (or J?), Thomas, Jane, William, Mary & Charles Davy, John, Sarah & Mary Ann Wansey, Thos & Sarah Savill, Thomas & Martha Bodley, Eliza Andrews, E G Phillips, Hannah Tomkins. . The "late Mrs Darvil" of 19.6.1828 above was Mary née Kingsbury 1770-1817 older sister of William Jameson's wife Sarah, who married Joseph Laurence Darvall in 1798. She was quite likely the Mary Kingsbury witness at Thomas Davy's wedding and the Days and Savills were probably somehow related to the Kingsburys, perhaps through the family of Mordecai Andrews, father of William Kingsbury's wife Mary and grandfather of Mrs Jameson and Mrs Darvall