Douglas, (Earls of Selkirk and Lords Daer)

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SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Earl of Selkirk proposed 9.8.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen / Lord Daer proposed 4.5.1792 by John Cartwright 2nded Thomas Paine / Hon. John Douglas of Inner Temple proposed 6.7.1792 by Lord Sempill 2nded Christopher Hull

Dunbar Douglas,1722-1799 4th Earl of Selkirk married Helen (d.1802) dau of John Hamilton of Blackadder, Berwickshire.(see Thomas Douglas DNB 1771-1820). Basil William Douglas, Lord Daer (DNB 1763-1794 under London Corresponding Society) was his heir but died before him. The next brother, Hon. John Douglas was born 24.5.1765, admitted to Lincolns Inn 1785, became Lod Daer on the death of his older brother, but died unmarried in Florence 1797. Two other brothers in the Army also died before their father. (Burke's Peerage, Earls of Selkirk)