28.6.1807 Drew at Philips'
A Drew also appears later in Godwin's diary from 1826 to 1833 but I haven't researched him and he was unlikely to have been the same person. Among authors (since Phillips was a publisher) perhaps the most likely was Richard Drew whose Description of a balance level was published in Nicholson's Journal xx 344 (1808). I found no more about him unless he was Richard Drew attorney of 3 Cliffords Inn (Holdens 1802). Other less likely authors were Samuel Drew (DNB 1765-1833) a metaphysical Methodist, and the Rev Edward Drew a patriotic Anglican. In Holdens 1811 directory there were also John Drew printer and stationer of 32 Fetter-lane, Drew surgeon 79 Gower-st, and Beriah Drew attorney 62 Bermondsey-st