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AMENDMENTS TO OXFORD DNB: Daniel Isaac Eaton DNB 1753-1814 see below

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:  Mr Eaton original member 1780 but missing from lists by 1783

No clear identification but Rev James Eaton chaplain to Nottingham Hospital subscribed 1787 to the Works of John Jebb. This James Eaton "of Middlesex" attended Merchant Taylor's School and Peterhouse Cambridge, and died 1816 according to Alum Cant. Another slim possibility could have been Daniel Isaac Eaton DNB 1753-1814 or his father Daniel Eaton (c.1728 - c.1805) a prosperous stationer, or his grandfather Daniel Eaton, shipwright of Broomfields, Deptford who was buried there 24.11.1782 and whose will PCC 1782 made his grandson Daniel Isaac Eaton, mealman of Bowers nr Guildford, Surrey, his executor, though the grandson renounced executorship in favour of his father Daniel, who was probably the papermaker of Deptford 1784 mentioned in Daniel Isaac Eaton's DNB article. John Godfrey Clarke and Daniel Isaac Eaton, taylors of Marybone St went bankrupt London Gazette 24.1.1784