Edgeworth, Henry

12.10.1799 sup at Johnson's; adv. Edgworth jr / 31.12.1799 dine at Johnson's, w. Edgworth junior / 25.2.1800 dine at Johnson's, w. Edgworthj / 9.6.1807 adv. H Edgworth at Johnson's / 11.3.1808 H Edgworth at Johnson's / 10.6.1808 dine at Johnson's, w. Dr Edgworth / 28.4.1809 H Edgworth at Johnson's / 21.7.1809 dine at Johnson's, w. Dr Edgworth / 23.3.1810 dine at Johnson's, w. Edgworth junr / dine at Johnson, w. Edgworth jr
Quite likely Henry Edgeworth (1782-1813) son of Richard Lovell Edgeworth (DNB 1744-1817) by his third wife Elizabeth Sneyd. He gained his doctorate in medicine from Edinburgh in 1806 for the paper De Exercitatione. There was a Henry Edgworth paid Land Tax 1809 at Charles-sq Shoreditch. He was buried at Clifton, Bristol 3.5.1813. Godwin paid the only call on the Edgworths recorded in his diary on 18.5.1813, they weren't in and returned the call on 29.5.1813. This was probably to offer condolences on Henry's death. The GD website has hesitatingly coded the Edgworth junior entries to Maria Edgworth, but Joseph Johnson's teas and dinners were very male affairs, I could only find 13 out of more than 150 in the diary where a female was apparently present. It is noteworthy that Edgeworth and Edgeworth junior each appeared at several of the dinners but never at the same time. The same is true of Newnum and Mrs Newnum. I found only three examples of possible couples (Barbaulds, Miles's and Millses). Mary Wollstonecraft and mrs Barbauld each appeared once solo, as did Johnson's relatives Mrs Johnson and Mrs Hunter. Mrs Parke appeared four times and I don't know who she was, but see my entry for Parke on this website